How many RPGs do you own?

How many RPGs (counting editions of a game as one game)?

  • 1

    Votes: 5 3.2%
  • 2

    Votes: 3 1.9%
  • 3-5

    Votes: 19 12.0%
  • 6-10

    Votes: 30 19.0%
  • 11-15

    Votes: 18 11.4%
  • 16-20

    Votes: 15 9.5%
  • 21-30

    Votes: 14 8.9%
  • 31-40

    Votes: 13 8.2%
  • 41-50

    Votes: 5 3.2%
  • More than 50!

    Votes: 36 22.8%


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Off the top of my head:

D&D 3.5
Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader
Warhammer 40,000: Only War
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Milennium's End

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First Post
I voted for 21-30 but when I looked over the lists others posted, I found several I forgot in my count, so it's possible I'm really in the 31-40 bracket. I've only played about a dozen or so of them, though, and only about half of that for more than a few one-offs. But that's fine since I often buy them simply to read them and compare the mechanics with other rpgs, i.e. for educational purposes ;)

D&D, Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, Bushido, Paranoia, WHFRP, Dogs in the Vineyard, Danger Patrol, HeroWars, Universalis, The Mountain Witch, Shadow of Yesterday, The Pool, Burning Wheel, Don't Rest Your Head, InSpectres, Poison'd, Pirates!, Diaspora, Dresden Files, Fiasco, Dread, Blowback, Dust Devils, Lady Blackbird, Weapons of the Gods, Stars Without Number, Sorcerer, Apocalypse World, Dungeon World.

I might have musty old copies of other things like Skyrealms of Jorune, Twilight 2000, Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd and Toon if I dig around in long-forgotten boxes.


I voted 11-15, but running through them in my head there are quitr a few that I might have forgotten. Never played most of them, but very book and every PDF offers inspiration or teaches me something new. Plus sometimes they're just nice to have.


Off the top of my head...

D&D (1e, 2e, 4e)
Dungeon World
Warhammer FRP 2e
Dark Dungeons
Earthdawn (1e, 3e)
Mutants & Masterminds
Powers & Perils
Kobolds Ate My Baby
Savage Worlds
Immortal: The Invisible War
Paranoia (XP)
Dangerous Journeys: Mythus
Star Wars Saga Edition
Arcana Evolved
Black Company
Game of Thrones
Shadowrun (2e, 4e)
Burning Empires
Call of Cthulhu (BRP)
Call of Cthulhu (d20)
Buffy/Angel Cinematic Unisystem
Talislanta (5e)
Marvel Super Heroes (FASERIP)
Worlds of Synnibarr

...And I also just picked up the D&D Rules Cylopedia for a cool $4. :cool:

On top of that, I have quite a few PDFs, even though most of those are freebies. Oh, and various free RPG design contest entries. Stilll, I think 30+ is mostly accurate right now. Time was, I had a lot more! :)



My list is pretty small...

Artesia: Adventures in the Known World
Hero Quest
Star Wars Saga Edition
D&D (Basic Rules Cyclopedia, 4e)

I've never played Artesia, and have only played a few games of Hero Quest. By far the one I play the most these days is 4e, though I'm jonesing for a Star Wars game.

Gaming Tonic

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I own a lot because I never throw anything away and think games will have some value in putting together another game in the future. Lots are wishful thinking. Games like Recon, Twilight 2000, and Star Frontiers haven't been touched in more than two decades. I usually am currently playing/running four or five. Pathfinder, Champions, Dresden, and the new Star Wars are in my current rotation.


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If I concatenate all my versions together I own between 5-15 RPGs. I've played well over 25. I'm actively playing 3 games (Pathfinder, Shadowrun, and Star Wars D6) at the moment.
Here is a breakdown of my RPGs:
Favorite Setting: Eclipse Phase
Spent the most money on: Shadowrun (at one time I owned most of 1st edition, all of 2nd edition, most of 3rd edition, and most of 4th edition)
Favorite System: Star Wars D6 (I'm a minimalist at heart)


Relaxed Intensity
At the moment not that many, but that's largely because I dramatically culled down my collection when I seperated from the Army and started going to business school.

  • D&D (4e,B/X)
  • Star Wars : Edge of the Empire
  • Star Wars Saga
  • Exalted
  • New World of Darkness (Vampire, Werewolf, Changeling, Hunter)
  • Burning Wheel
  • Don't Rest Your Head
  • Legend of the 5 Rings
  • Dresden Files
  • Marvel Heroic Roleplay
  • Legend

It still takes up too much space in my apartment. I currently play L5R and just wrapped up running a Legend/MRQ game.

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