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How often do you enforce laws in your games?

I like settings where laws create textures in the stories. Even when the stories aren't about the law, that the law exists and players have to think about the consequences shapes play. And like JD, I don't care to have players who need power-trip play.

I also, however, like the settings to have some places where the laws have no teeth, where personal integrity has a chance to shine. Or for its absence to be a glaring lack.

A good setting has both...

A great setting has both influencing the tone and feel. Settings like...
  • The [Warhammer] Old World.
  • Traveller's Third Imperium.
  • L5R's Rokugan.
  • Arrowflight's Corvel
  • the many nations of the Marvel Universe
  • Star Trek's Federation. (Which also is that case where what's legal and what can be gotten away with are different...and where the integrity of the characters can be a major story factor.
In some, like Pendragon, a code exists, but law really doesn't... and I've never hesitated to put justice at odds with correct social form, and further, sometimes at odds with practicality - each pulling different directions. Which is what makes Pendragon so compelling... and so emotionally draining.
L5R's Rokugan has both a code, a legal system, and both are at odds with justice, and all three are often at the mercy of political expediency.

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