D&D 5E How should I improve my Lore Bard/DS Sorcerer Spell list?


Hey everyone.

First time playing Bard (College of Lore), so I've been leaning HEAVILY on this forum group for advice on build and playstyle. With that in mind, would love some feedback on my planned spell list. While I am only level 4 now, we expect to go to level 15 (maybe more but not guaranteed so want to successfully build to that milestone first).

For background, the DM is very much into resource management. He usually throws quite a few marathon fights per day at the group, to the extent that I have ALWAYS run out of both spells and BIs between LRs by the time the last fight rolls around. To help rectify my lack of action economy/durability when there are no spells slots/BIs left, I dipped a single level into DS Sorcerer for 1) added cantrip-level utility/damage that would scale, 2) Shield & Bless, and 3) Favored by the Gods (figured I would use it as a light Res (Con) for now).

The party consists of myself, a Divination Wizard, a FIghter/Warlock, a Paladin, a Monk, a Cleric, and a Soulknife Rogue, so party is pretty filled out, leaving me for the controller/buff/debuff role. With that in mind, how well am I filling that role? I naturally have a ton of concentration spells but want to balance with non-concentration usage as well. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Cantrip: (dmg) Firebolt, (buff/debuff) Guidance, Mind Sliver, Vicious Mockery, (utility) Light, Mage Hand, Message, Minor Illusion

Level 1: (buff/debuff) Bless, Bane, Faerie Fire, Shield (heal) Healing Word, (utility) Feather Fall

Level 2: (dmg) Spritual Weapon - Add Mag. Sec., (buff/debuff) Mirror Image, (utility) Invisibility, Misty Step

Level 3: (buff/debuff) Slow, Counterspell (Control) Hypnotic Pattern

Level 4: (buff/debuff) Polymorph, (utility) Dimension Door, Find Greater Steed

Level 5: (dmg) Animate Objects, Synaptic Static, (control) Hold Monster, Wall of Force

Level 6: (dmg) Disintegrate, (control) Mass Suggestion

Level 7: (utility) Simulacrum, (control) Force Cage

I have some questions in particular. Should I get more healing (for example swap Disintegrate for Heal)? Also, should I get a lower level non-concentration damage spell that scales or is Synaptic Static good enough? Should I keep a lower level control spell (Suggestion, Phanstasmal Force, Hold Person)? Lastly, do I really need Misty Step, Dimension Door, AND Find Greater Steed? I got MS with Fey Touched so that worked well, but now I feel like it all may be overkill.


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What about Bestow curse spell? It's ultimate stop spell in Lore bard hands- Cutting words give you high chance to deliver it to enemie and whne you choose wisdom save disadvantage, his chance to hit it later is lesser. And when he hit it, he doesn't break it, but can do something for that round and next he is rolling against save again.


Yes. Get more healing. Always get more healing. Other players appreciate it - and you never know when a few more heals are going to be necessary. ESPECIALLY if your DM likes long/frequent combats.

No. You don't need Find Greater Steed. BUT it does look cool, so keep it if that's important to the character.

Just a couple of other suggestions
1. I know you have Mage Hand, but never underestimate the usefulness of Unseen Servant
2. Dispel Magic
is a great defensive spell. The other spellcasters probably have it but that's no reason to overlook its potential.

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