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For years, I was the forever Dungeon Master. I ran numerous games, multiple campaigns, and introduced plenty of inquisitive folks to Dungeons & Dragons and the greater tabletop roleplaying game scene. However, I was not a consistent player. Sure, I hopped onto the other side of the screen every once in a while, but it was never week after week. I may have been a veteran in crafting worlds and portraying villains, but I was a novice player of the game.

That all changed when my daughter was born. I went on a Dungeon Mastering hiatus and became a consistent player of the game. Ever since Amber entered the world in March 2022, I've been a player more than a near-omniscient adventure builder and villainous actor.

This drastic change altered my view on character creation and D&D and tabletop games in general. I've learned tons on this side of the screen. I'm eager to share these lessons with all of you. First up: one of the simplest but most interesting ways to build a character and what comes along with it.

Although I also play the debatably redeemable minotaur paladin in my brother-in-law's ongoing campaign, my most recent foray into D&D adventure is in my brother's fifth edition D&D campaign. I'm playing alongside the other members of his bachelor party, some D&D vets, and others not too into the hobby. We've been able to figure out what the adventure is based on: the first real quest chain in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Korthos Island.

I made a very special character for this campaign in a very specific way. Allow me to introduce you to Ettermot Drous, a scarred but lovable bugbear druid.

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