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WotC How to make powerful contact s

le Redoutable

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21 juin 2019, 04:09:56

To my point of view there are lots of skills, so you can't assume
an inferior doesn't have a skill that might be useful to you;
that is to say that, if there are 10000 different sort of skills, and
you own 3000 of them, someone who you think is useless, owning only
50 skills and sharing among them 30 with you, might give you 20 new
skills which could "enlighten" you in some concepts that you didn't
understand so far.

the idea is not to repel an enemy;
the idea is :
an enemy is someone who doesn't share your skills.
so, to have something in common with this alien, you must give him
something (called skill);
once you share a skill with him, he (given time) will eventually
ask for more skills to obtain from you;
once he gains skills from you, his attitude will change slightly:
he will understand one of your ways of thinking, and will
recognize the people who use this kind of way of thinking;
so, if he is very powerful, he will perhaps move you out
of your peasant life, giving you a task to accomplish;
this is better than just wanting to hurt you;
so, as a peaceful peasant, you will follow his path, always
trying to introduce to him your other talents that he lacks;
and, the day he has got all of your mentality, he will be
viewed as a (powerful) friend.
When he is viewed as a friend, you may enhance your confidence.


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Good Lord, this dude just keeps posting these nonsense threads.

Even more bizarre than the actual contents of the threads themselves, is that’s it’s virtually impossible to figure out if the poster is doing it because he knows they make no sense and just thinks he’s being funny … or if he actually thinks he is making sense but everyone else just can’t understand his ‘brilliant’ insights …

Worse yet, I’m not sure which of the above two scenarios is more disturbing …

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