How Would You Defend A Mountain Fortress? (Volume II)


Somehow I can understand the elves and it would be a blessing to smash Vallorea once and for all. :p

@Shark How are our chances creating an alliance with the elves? Somehow I could picture an lovely alliance between the goody elves and the not so goody vampires destroying a greater evil :D , ah good of course. ;)

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Or revolutionairies :D

That could be a interesting campaign, playing revolutionairies in the empire. Dodging inquisitions, fighting overzealous bureaucrats and other officials. Could be zorro-ish or have some other double identity complication.


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LOL! Yeah, scotch that! The elves and the Valloreans, while occasionally disagreeing on approach, method, or attitude, generally share the same goals, so they have a strong alliance. It's kinda like the relationship between Britain and America--Britain is older, somewhat more refined, a bit more worldly, renowned for sophistication, and usually fairly wise; while America is larger, louder, passionate, more aggressive, and more numerous and powerful, and capable of actually getting large projects done. The elves and Vallorea, like Britain and America, agree on general goals, but often disagree on method, or become irritated at various different cultural attitudes.

I also think that alignments should be complex, and allowing a great variation and depth in how they are expressed and emphasized, as for example, Lawful Good Elves, while having much in common with Lawful Good Valloreans, will still have considerable differences because they are different races, come from different cultures, have different religions, and grow up with many different personal and community values and philosophies on life. That doesn't mean that either of them are "evil"--but it means that they can be very different from each other, including being frustrated, competitive, jealous, greedy, prideful, stubborn, and passionately opposed to various philosophies or approaches in life--and still both be Lawful Good.:)

Thus, I'm not surprised when different characters in the group have differences of opinion or philosophy. It's pretty much guaranteed, and it certainly ensures that the interactions and relationships will be complex, diverse, and interesting!:)

Semper Fidelis,



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Combining a few of the recent posts you can say that:

A: the valloreans try to institute the "Pax vallorea"

B: the US is a bit like the Vallorean empire

Sounds a bit like a very "strong" political comment, hope the moderator dont clamp done on that one :D

ps sorry could not help commenting on that.


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Garrett Highhill 'ere

'ello all and a gooday to ya!! Garrett Highhill at your service!! I'm another of the chaps fighting Mallinor in Sharky's world (Halfling 16th lvl 10th rogue/ 6th sorcerer). I been a readin' all this stuff about this battle and I'm glad to 'ear our boys are giving 'em what for aye.

I can't says I cotton too much to that Ruari chap though I've not met the bloke me'self. He sounds like one of those over the top zealots that are always a pushin' Vallorea this an' Vallorea that down yer throat ya know?? Reminds me of this muckety-muck at Naban-Kari after my party returned from a re-con mission in that be-witched forest north of the battle 'ere. All o' us were near daft after our mission. We sees Great Shadow Dragons, time-warp portals, crazy animals, vampires, all sorts of nasties a poppin' out 'a nowheres. Lost near half our party we did, and me'self I lost my true love Nimbarra. By the gods I shall find her 'an slit the gizzard 'o the bloke who stoles her!! Anyways, this Vallorean bloke starts barkin' orders this an' orders that and shoves me pal Anghus'(Half-elven 16th lvl ranger) face in the mud like he was a dog or something. That was the stroke that drove me pal over the edge. Anghus stood up to the ingrate. Here we were suffering an' a bleedin' for their bloody "Empire" and this is the thanks and reception we get!! The whole party was near burned at the stake over the whole mess!!

Me, I likes the elves much more. I've not met the Lady me'self, but from her letter I believe I would like to. Anyways, just thoughts I would pop in an' put me spin on things. I've tagged me some good loot in Sharky's world, an' it sure beats the boredom of me 'ome in the Naban Isles.


Go ahead, make fun of halflings, ignore us, ya just makes our jobs easier that way!!


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Great stuff Laird Rauri!:) Halflings would be where?--if not for the protection that the legions of Vallorea provides?:)

Maldur--well, I was merely using an example of cultural relationships. Vallorea doesn't have much at all in common with America, certainly, unless you could find some commonality between the ancient Roman Empire, Britain of King Edward's reign, Queen Elizabeth, Puritan America of the 1640's, with a heavy dose of the Inquisition!:)

Vallorea is a dominant cultural force, which the elves resent, because the Valloreans are so wealthy and powerful, whereas the elves do not have the numbers, wealth, and power to maintain an empire as large as Vallorea, so there is some cultural jealousy. However, unlike many such worlds, the elves are gradually experiencing a cultural resurgence, and are gaining slowly in numbers and power...

Semper Fidelis,



Zenon said:

I know we (The Bad Guys) are most likely going to lose in the end, but it's great seeing the results of all of the posters efforts in action.

If the fortress hold them off long enough to accomlplish the mission.
Who had won?


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Shark: I know I was just commenting on the weird conclusions people can make on threads here :D

Sword-dancer: remember It ain't over until the fat lady sings. And the area isn't secure enough to ship in Opera singers just yet.

Time for phase TWO!!


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It looks like I've got some catching up to do. Anyway, it's great to see some of SHARK's acolytes here. Welcome, Valloreans! Now, if you'll excuse me, I must plot your deaths... ;)
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Re: Laird Ruari Von Christensen, Captain Vallorean Legions, Decorated Hero of Vallorea

I, Laird Ruari Von Christensen, Captain of the Vallorean Legions, Decorated Hero of Vallorea, Blessed and Holy Palladin of Ulrich(30th lvl), and one of the slayers of the Great Black Wyrm do hereby offer greetings and sulutations to all Lords and Ladies of En World!
Welcome, Laird Ruari.
I have been reading this thread with great interest...
I can imagine! I only hope SHARK has permuted our many fiendish ideas into something still more fiendish -- something you won't expect, even after reading this thread.
My troops consisted of 147 1st lvl infantry equipped with masterwork chainmail, large shields, and bastard swords; 11 2nd lvl rangers with mty. comp. longbows and +1 arrows; 12 3rd lvl barbarians with greataxes and hvy. picks; and my staff consisting of 5-20th lvl rangers, fighters, and paladins equipped with much less mundane items.
Has SHARK fed us Vallorean propaganda? Those forces seem...weak.
While Mallaran pours his troops to the defense of his citadel the bulk of our legions are making for the cities (the real prize).
I was under the impression that we couldn't realistically hold the cities if we wanted to -- but that our Mountain Citadel could repel anything less than a full-fledged siege, complete with magical siege engines.
We executed the assault utilizing our glorious Vallorean flying warships to overcome any wards against teleportation into the Citadel.
Flying warships? How did that one slip past intelligence?
In a swift manuever we caught our enemy off-balance...
Is anything easier to spot than a fleet of flying warships? And wasn't the Mountain Citadel already full of troops prepared for war?
...but since we could only initially transport half a legion we were quickly outnumbered and taking heavy casualties.
Good! ;)
The remaining legion and a half were to be teleported to the ships and the dropped over the LZ.
Dropped? Via Feather Fall? Wouldn't archers take their toll?
I was busy charging down Fire Giants when several of our warships vaporized to grey ash midair. It was a Great Black Wyrm from another plane unleashed upon my comrades and I in all of its foul wickedness!!
I was within Ulrich's glory(death) several times(lost 3 fate points) before I even reached the vile Wyrm and plunged my sword into its gizzard with a holy and righteous smite.
"Ulrich's Glory" -- love it!
Then the Lady Rhiannon vexed the beast with some of her powerful magiks...
"Vexed" -- love it!
Re-inforcements are now able to safely arrive, we have secured a major LZ in the Citadel including a tower that housed a regiment of Mallaran's Knights.
"LZ" -- that's a bit of an anachronism...

Anyway, you've seized a portion of the larger Citadel then? Interesting. In the étoile fortress period, this was enough of a problem that Vauban introduced the detached bastion; seizing a detached bastion didn't mean gaining an opening into the fortress proper.

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