D&D (2024) How Would You Make Inspiration More Used?

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I think that is the rub, some groups do this naturally, and others need system assistance. The vague triggers can be arbitrary and seen as "mother may I" type play. I like the inspiration on 20 roll because its a rare, but tangible trigger. I also like getting inspiration on a 1 roll too.
I do think this is a really interesting distinction between Inspiration as it is and the direction they're taking Inspiration in. Right now, DM's give Inspiration, and they give it in a kind of vague and nebulous way, like a little cookie for "good RP" whatever that is. And then it's easy to forget or not use because who KNOWS when that'll happen again. It definitely doesn't feel like something I control, as a player.

Giving the players a more active hand in generating inspiration is a great idea.

I think what I don't like is linking it to builds or to luck. The thing I want players to do is not to fish for 20's to get 1/day advantage. I want them to engage with their characters and the world. I don't want to replace bardic inspiration with Inspiration.

I am more OK with them spending Inspiration being part of builds or a way to tweak luck. Give Bards a unique way to spend Inspiration on their allies.

But keep Bards earning Inspiration by leaning into their character flaws and world elements.

Like, maybe Bards have a class feature called True Artist and if the bard creates a new composition in the world, they get Inspiration. And then maybe they can spend it to gain a bonus use of Bardic Inspiration. I would like my bard characters to make songs. That is DOPE.
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I think inspiration should be a reroll, not advantage. It works better for players who forget about it when they roll (my players do ALL the time), and it stacks with the numerous sources of advantage already in the game.
The few times we've used it, I think we allowed the reroll, as advantage if that made things work out better for the player (say for sneak attack). The amount of times players would forget, I figured it was worth letting them retcon it.

what part of it doesn't work, exactly?
Um, the rerolling part. Sorry, just a little joke. ;)

The part that doesn't work is the sense that giving Players* a Reroll option (versus Advantage) when using inspiration will encourage them to use it more often. This doesn't work because that is already what people* do. The idea that people know, understand, and practice the rule that Inspiration is used as Advantage on a roll is just false in my experience. So, trying to solve the problem by giving us something we already "in fact" have does not and will not work.

My footnote may sound hyperbolic but it's not. I think most people just assume that Advantage and Rerolling are equivalent**. Or better yet, we don't assume anything, we just play without thinking about it.

I think Inspiration is great even though I don't see it used very often. It can encourage us to get in touch with our Characters' softer sides. However, it only works if we use it; which is dependent on the Dungeon Master remembering to give it out, and then, on top of that, it's dependent on the Players remembering to use it***. Because of this, it is essentially an optional rule that works for some Tables and not for others. Which is fine. It's not an integral part of the game and I hope it stays that way.

Maybe there should be a moratorium on the use of inspiration. Maybe 10 minutes, or an hour. Or better yet, maybe there should be one Inspiration point and it gets passed on to the next Inspired Player even if the current Player hasn't used it yet. You snooze, you lose****.

* Me and my Players/people to be more precise (and every other Player/person I've played with at conventions).
** They're not, and I understand that.
*** It's frustrating when you remember to give a Player Inspiration but they can't accept it because they already have Inspiration from the last time you remembered to give it out.
**** Hmm :unsure:.
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The game is too easy, so players don't need to use Inspiration. It's easy to make saving throws and to hit on attack rolls. You succeed like 75% of the time.
And if you miss an attack, it's not like the creatures do enough damage where there's ever any danger anyway. You'll get them next time. And if they do end up knocking you out, you have 3-4 other party members who can heal you.

I'm A Banana

You know Retreater, you got a point. If everything we do is awesome, then what do we need with awesome points?
One of the cool things that Inspiration can do is to give you awesome points for choosing to not being awesome.

If you give in to your basest instincts or you choose a more difficult path to adhere to your beliefs, Inspiration can help offset the problems that come out of that.

I was surprised that WotC stuck with one inspiration at a time. That seemed like the rule for when it was a new idea and they were worried it might be overpowered. One would think 8 years of it not being overpowered, or particularly powerful at all, would have made them willing to live a little more.

But, I figure it's still about a 50% chance that it ends up being that you can store inspiration equal to your proficiency bonus. WotC these days is always on the lookout for something else to tie to proficiency bonus.

But, I figure it's still about a 50% chance that it ends up being that you can store inspiration equal to your proficiency bonus. WotC these days is always on the lookout for something else to tie to proficiency bonus.
that'd be too much. i think half (perhaps rounded up) would be fine, but your full prof bonus would just be excessive. you don't need 6 free instances of advantage a long rest.

edit: of course, we'll see if wotc cares about that...

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