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If you're going to bring up consensus, then I'm going to have to point out that the consensus on elf traits is, afaik, as follows:
Trance - in games where DMs don't interrupt sleep and have wave it away, its worthless, but it very much DOES have a use in games where rests are more by the book. Its VERY useful when assigning watch shifts. It also allows resting in medium / heavy armor without penalty (elves don't sleep, and those penalties only apply to sleep).
Charm is generally more dangerous and used more often than Frightened against the party, which makes it a good thing to be defended against.
Perception is a god-tier skill.
Darkvision - most DMs tend to just handwave the ability to see in darkness with it, making it stronger than it should be. Even when run by the book, its excellent for scouts.
The spells the elves get are generally rated highly in guides
The extra bonuses listed with the cantrips are universally good, even if they're not very powerful.
The Elf mechanics are "solid" but not "excellent".

Trance is mechanically negligible. To remain conscious during a Long Rest isnt nothing but close to it. In my games, a team with an Elf can have the Elf "keep watch" during an entire Long Rest. A team without an Elf takes turns keeping watch. Either way is moreoreless the same.

Where a level-0 feat is worth about "4 points", I evaluate the Elf traits as follows.


Feat 1
½ point − Trance
1 point − Charm Resistance
2 points − Cantrip

(Feat 1 is weak at 3½ points, under 4 points. But excellent cantrips are worth 2½ points: Guidance, Eldritch Blast, Minor Illusion, Mind Sliver, Vicious Mockery, Frostbite, and Green Flame Blade. The new Shillelagh and Friends also seem excellent. So Feat 1 can be a solid 4 points if choosing an excellent cantrip.)

Feat 2
1½ points − Slot 1 spell
2½ points − Slot 2 spell

(Potentially Feat 2 is a total 4 points. However, because these spells are unavailable at level 1, their value for a level 0 feat is significantly less. Notice, an effect like slot-2 Misty Step would be unavailable until level 5. Overall, the delayed Feat 2 is weak. Nevertheless, in an other thread, I recommend the player CHOOSE the slot 1 and 2 spells from any spell list, in which case it would be an excellent feat − as good as the best spells − and the delay in levels would probably be wise.)

Feat 3
2½ points − Darkvision
2 points (?) − Perception proficiency

(This seems a strong feat, at 4½ points. Despite Perception proficiency being the most powerful skill, mechanically, it is better to gain it from class or background, making the use of a feat to gain it less valuable. Also, notice Darkvision is worth one cantrip, albeit an excellent one worth 2½ points, contrasting one of the "meh" cantrips that are worth 1½ points, like Light and Dancing Lights.)

Overall, each of the three feat spaces for the Elf species design is wanting, for various reasons. The Elf is solid but slightly subpar.
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