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I Don't Feel Inspired to Consume Media Anymore


Solitary Role Playing
I get into such phases too*. April was very difficult for me. I stopped watching a lot TV series. Now that the good weather is back I'm in the backyard gardening and preparing the yard for the summer. Very therapeutic.

(*light deprivation: I use a therapy lamp which works for me. Doesn't work for everyone.)

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Dying in Chargen
Has anyone else had this issue? Any tips in getting your brain back into it?
(Oddly, I can stay engaged only if I'm actively creating something. So if I'm running D&D, painting, writing a book, etc., I'm fine.)
Yes, always to some degree, and it has only become worse. Nature helps to recharge though, I guess "touching grass" as people say now.

Writing has helped as well, as I wrote up the sci-fi setting that I had been running pre-pandemic.

Media is a very strange thing, hard to define and comes in many forms. Furthermore its consumed in many ways. Now what ones chooses to do with that stimulus and information is another matter entirely.

There's nothing specific to modern media here. 90% of everything has always been crap.

That's because creating good stories and telling them well is really, really hard.
“No matter our talent, we all know in the midnight of our souls that 90 percent of what we do is less than our best.”
― Robert McKee, Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting

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