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D&D 5E I don't know how to make 5e, but I know who does! Your nominations:

I am an armchair quarterback, and I've got a few good ideas...

...but I have favorite designers, designers I trust to provide actually good advice (much better than my own).

I would love if the design team at WotC would seek the advice of third party publishers and freelancers to hopefully get some more professional advice (especially since these people would likely be doing at least some work, in some capacity on 5e).

I don't know if this thread will have any impact, but who knows? The RPG field is small enough that it could get people talking.

Please give a name and (if you can provide one) a reason.

I nominate Wolfgang Baur.
He understands the richness of mythology and the importance of story. He's intimately familiar with earlier editions as well as 3e and 4e. He loves roleplaying, and creates fantastic adventures in D&D as well as other systems (e.g. dragon age).

I also nominate Clark Peterson.
He understands old school feel in new editions. Depending upon what WotC is doing, he might be a very good person to go over the rules with a critical eye.

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Frankly, I would like to see influence from consultants outside the rpg business. The industry is a small world, and rather insular. I would trust that any of the big name designers working could successfully reinvent D&D.

That being said, I'm not advocating locking the gaming people out

I agree with Wolfgang Baur.

I'd also like to see Sean K. Reynolds back in the fold; he has a pragmatic approach and has written a lot of really good breakdowns of basic D&D concepts.

Viktyr Gehrig

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You want my D&D dream team? Paizo and Evil Hat form a partnership and hire Monte Cook and Tim Dugger for their experience with truly modular game design and multiple variations of D&D-style adventure fantasy.

Argyle King

Well, some of the stated design goals have been a generic core which is a modular system that allows you to choose what rules you do or do not add to the core; more of a nod toward realism; allowing multiple playstyles to co-exist at the table, and some amount of backwards compatibility.

Sean Punch seems like a natural choice.


They should put together a crack team for adventure writing, with a mandate to not just create some new adventures, but also to look at the process of creating and arranging adventures for the optimum play experience.

I would suggest it should consist of Bruce Cordell, Ari Marmell, Wolfgang Baur, and the Alexandrian. (The latter's work on node-based design being the primary reason for that recommendation.)

The team actually creating 5e itself is fine.

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