Pathfinder 2E I feel at peace


I finally got to play Pathfinder 2e today. I played a fighter (with the champion dedication) pre-gen in a Sundered Waves one-shot at Origins. We didn’t get to do much exploration mode, but the combat was fun.

We had a mix of experienced and new players. I made a couple of good tactical moves that the GM could use as teaching moments for the new players.

For example, instead of taking my last action as an attack, I used it to set up Aid to aid the next attack. With my Cooperative Nature feat, I had a +20 to the DC 20 check, which I crit and gave a +3 to the sorcerer’s attack roll, which was enough to let him crit.

In the final combat, I moved up only one square, raised my shield, and readied an attack in case the monster went for me. (The sorcerer has casted haste on me, so I had an extra action I could use to Strike or Stride.) The GM used this to go over the value of action-denial.

On the next round, I used lay on hands on the monster, which it crit failed. It took 20 points of damage and gained a −2 status penalty to AC. That set up the cleric to pew pew lasers the monster and finish it off. It was another good example of using your action economy to help the party instead of fishing for a crit.

Would I run PF2 again? Very unlikely. The things that bothered me as a GM still do. However, it’s fun to play. I liked the puzzle of figuring out how I could use my tools to put us in a stronger position.

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