I just GMed my 3 year old for the first time!


Rel said:
...I regret that I haven't been more dilligent about posting here about this stuff. There is still the potential somewhere down the line for me to do a book about "Roleplaying With Kids" that might come to fruition if I can ever get my lazy ass in gear. We'll see.
Let me know if you decide to do this - I've been doing adventures like these (based on your inspiration) for my 3 year old son about once every two or three weeks in place of his bed-time stories, and could use some new material.

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How apt that this thread was ressurected by someone with the screen name reapersaurus!

You rock Rel! I hope when I have children in the future I can be half as cool a Dad as you. :D

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I really hate to necro such an old old thread, but Rel, if you're still out there, your daughter is probably all the way grown up now. Did your little experiment go anywhere? Did you guys end up playing D&D together as she got older? I would love to hear a follow up!
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Wow, thanks to Piratecat for bringing this to my attention as I rarely get to ENWorld these days.

Just so some of us can feel REALLY old, little Samantha The Red is going to get her Driver's License on Monday. She'll be turning 17 in July and is already picking out colleges.

Over the years we have done quite a bit of gaming. I think I'm kidding myself if I said she was as into the hobby as I am. But we've played a lot of games. Next month she will probably be playing a session or two at Camp NC Game Day, a tradition that has been going on just about as long as this thread has. She and I played in an Eclipse Phase game a couple summers ago, run by someone else I met through ENWorld. Just last weekend we played the Near and Far board game together, which is a sort of "RPG Lite". And one of her favorite all time video games is Skyrim.

She also keeps up with the latest fashions, wearing ripped jeans and retro sunglasses. She's an awesome student. Loves to read and is a nearly obnoxious Harry Potter fan. All in all, very well rounded and I'm incredibly proud to be her dad.

I remain a big believer that gaming is good for our kids, and I'm now on the board of a non-profit that tries to help stuck teens and twenty-somethings make progress in life through gaming.

Thank you very much for the trip down memory lane. I hope this thread has brought a few smiles and maybe inspired somebody to play games with their kids from time to time.


Wow! I didn't think I'd actually reach you when I necroed this thread, but I figured, what the hey, who knows, maybe I'll get lucky. Guess I rolled a 20 this time! Thank you so much for coming back and sharing this with us!


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Today, as I was reminiscing about the 20th anniversary of ENWorld coming into being, I thought I should update this thread. Last week I took Samantha the Red to college orientation. She'll be starting this fall at St. John's in New York City where she earned a full tuition scholarship to their pharmacy program. I could not be more proud of her and I'd like to think at least a little of her success in life is owed to gaming.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged and supported me in trying to be a good father over the years. I was tallying the friends I've made directly or indirectly from ENWorld and you number in the hundreds.


In a reply to the original post, many years afterwards...Dora has grown up a little too...and here is the trailer (though many here probably have already seen the trailer before).



Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
Fifteen years ago, I read this thread and was struck by its awesomeness. This year, I GMed my five year old daughter for the first time.

Though I can't claim to be as creative as Rel (there are more child friendly aids nowadays - my thanks to No Thank You Evil).
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