I just had my first TTRPG Q&A and I had an amazing time!


I just had my first Interview/Q&A regarding my new game 'Warped: A Manic Multiversal TTRPG' on the Randomworlds TTRPG Discord and I had such a great time. Dan "The GMShoe" Davenport organised and hosted it after finding the game on Kickstarter and I had some questions from other members of the community which was so exciting. As a small creator, these kind of events are so heartening and give me so much motivation to keep creating. It's also just great fun to talk about something you're so passionate about to an interested audience! I'd really recommend visiting the Discord, it's a really positive space for the community.

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Here are some of the highlights:

Q: Can you give us an overview of 'Warped'?
A: The core premise of ‘Warped’ is that you don’t just play a single character. Each Player plays as a team of alternate universe variants of their own character, each with their own powers and abilities. Throughout your missions, you will switch between these Multiversal Forms, using their abilities to fight off your opponents, surpass your obstacles and achieve your goals. It’s a pretty wild premise, but amazing fun to both create and play!

Q: How many Forms are there?
A: Each Player will roll 4d100 at the start of their game (this is 4d12 in the Demo version). Each result corresponds to a different Multiversal Form. The first number rolled will be their Core Form, the unchangeable prime version of their character. The remaining three are their Alt. Forms, which can all be changed throughout the game. Whenever the Players use a Recovery period, they can choose to re-roll one of their Alt. Forms, replacing it with a random new Form. Nothing is off the table, meaning your adventuring party can contain everything from a Werewolf to a Cyberpunk and a man Made of Ice Cream. It’s wacky and bizarre, but that’s reflective of the chaotic Multiverse itself!

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Additionally, Players can find Rift Keys: consumable crystals brimming with Multiversal energy. Each Key contains a specific Form, and when consumed, the Player that used it can transform into that Form for the next 24 hours, or until it is reduced to 0 Hit Points. This means that GMs can offer their Players little tasters of new Forms, or provide them with Forms that may aid them in the specific challenges they are about to face.

An interesting note on Multiversal Forms is that your Character only dies when all of your Multiversal Forms are reduced to 0 Hit Points. When this happens, the dimensional energy surrounding your character explodes out through every conceivable reality – wiping every single version of you from existence simultaneously. This keeps the stakes high, even when there are potentially infinite versions of your character wandering the Multiverse. Where there’s limitless potential, there must be limitless peril to counterbalance it!

Q: Are there Multiversal Antagonists?
A: The ability to Rift Warp (transform into alternate Multiversal Forms) is usually reserved for Players, though they may find themselves fighting multiple versions of their antagonists throughout the game. The Chaos Meter can have an interesting effect on their antagonists, however. The Chaos Meter represents the build up of unstable universal energy that surrounds the PCs, and it fills each time a Player rolls a Natural 1 or a Natural 20 on a Check. When it reaches its maximum, the scene is bathed in chaotic energy that causes all the PCs to Rift Warp. However, certain enemies (usually bosses) will also be affected by this blast of energy. Their attacks may deal a new damage type, or they may gain new powers such as teleportation. A strange alien creature may appear, beholden to their will, or they may grow to incredible size. The environment around the Players can shift too, with verdant hillsides transforming into bubbling magma pits, rocky lunar expanses or mounds of jiggling jelly. The Chaos Meter is designed to trigger roughly once a session, and is there to bring a wild unpredictability to the gameplay that is befitting of the game’s Multiversal setting.

Q: This game is nuts - in a good way!
A: It’s wild, and often very silly, but seeing players get excited about the new Forms they roll up has been amazing. I wanted an adventuring party of multiversal travelers to look crazy even at a glance, and I think I’ve achieved that through the bizarre list of Forms they can play as. Even today, the newest Kickstarter update revealed the Featureless Cube Form, which is exactly what it sounds like. ‘Warped’ is all about playing characters you’d never see in another game, and it’s so much fun to come up with them all!

For anyone who wants to read it,
the full transcript can be found here!

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