I just threw away 100+ RPG books


A few years ago I went through an exercise of scanning all my old notes, character sheets, and the like - 30+ years of personal gaming history. But... while there was some good stuff in there, honestly they wouldn't have been any great loss to the world.
From a historical perspective, that's not really for you to judge.

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Well, motivated by this thread, I bagged and boxed up 63 books and boxed sets, plus a mass of binders and folders of hardcopy campaign notes.

All that is left are 8 books, two boxed sets, a few maps, and a partial set of Harn setting books (the ones I don't have on pdf).

About half the remaining items are probably going to end up on the scrapheap too, but not today. It is amazing how much of the stuff I have thrown away was systems and settings I never used. More than a few books haven't been opened since before the last time I moved, in '94.

I kept a lot of notes from my earliest days of gaming; I started keeping everything on a computer in the late 80s, so past that date most of my campaign still exist on disk, although I've only gone back to that sort of material a couple times.


Jon Peterson's work on playing at the World (book and blog) is strong evidence that you are wrong.
It feels like the notes of folks when there were just a handful playing might be a bit more valuable to historians than the scribblings of one out of hundreds of thousands. :::shrugs:::

Still have most of mine in the basement anyway if they need some :)

Jon Peterson's work on playing at the World (book and blog) is strong evidence that you are wrong.
I would say it is strong evidence of the existence of a specific book. According to the LoC, there are 27 books in support of the (current) flat Earth theory.

Gamer stories are not that interesting, except to the people who shared those moments.

aramis erak

I don't get your point in the second sentence.
By destroying rather than sending to resale (even if it's just a charity store like St. Vinnie's or Value Village, or the SA store), you're decreasing the number of remaining copies in circulation. This drives prices for them up.

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