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D&D General I made a FREE 3D in-your-browser D&D encounter map-maker!


Making battles better since 2020
I made a 3D in-your-browser D&D encounter map-maker. Here's a boss fight between my party and an Adult Black Dragon. I reduced visibility in the fog and the players ended up running from this one:

I've been updating BattleMapp for a couple of months now and although similar to other map-makers out there, it's a bit different because it works straight in your browser.

I describe it as a "sketching tool" for those DM's that want a quick and dirty way to get an encounter going online. As you can see, it is very simple, quick and easy to make a pretty cool map for your players to get lost in.

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This is how I use it in my Friday night games:

- Load up Zoom and start the session with my players.

- When an encounter begins, I load up BattleMapp in the browser and sketch out the battle area. This takes about 30-seconds. Imagine sketching out a map on a piece of paper IRL: the players need an idea of layout, distances and character/enemy placements.

- I share my screen via Zoom so the players can see the map.

- I ask for the initiatives and note the combat order on the "notepad" feature in BattleMapp.

- I ask for their actions in turn and I move the counters around the map.

- I roll the 3D dice in BattleMapp because the players find it exciting to see it landing on those natty 1's.

- Once combat has finished, I stop sharing my screen and move on with the game.

BattleMapp premium adds bells & whistles - various prop models, token avatars, effects etc... But you can run an encounter perfectly well with the free version.

Let me know what you think!

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The High Aldwin
Awesome. I've been playing around with BattleMapp for a while now and like the concept. I find the set up and such a bit problematic, but otherwise I am hoping to get better with it.

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