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Pathfinder 1E I need help spending 2 million gold


So the unthinkable happen. Due to a variety of shenanigan's, our party has gotten a treasure beyond imagining, with each of us getting 2 million gold (so yes, 12 million gold in total!)

The party is 12th level, our classes:

1) Paladin
2) Fighter
3) Rogue
4) Bard
5) Sorcerer / Dragon Disciple
6) Inquisitor

This is not a bluff where the DM is going to take it away. We have already gotten contact with one of the world's biggest magic item merchants, who has access to almost any item we can imagine (aka anything in the various pathfinder books is fair game). We have already gotten to spend some of the gold on big magic, so this is actually happening.

Its a bit overwhelming, as I have never been this monty hauled before. So I'm looking for advice. With money almost no object, are there any really high magic items that any of our party members would truly benefit from? Or any mid tier items that we might overlook as we focus on the big ticket items?

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If it's an option, I'd start with an airship, cauldron of ressurections make sure everyone that can wear it has the heaviest armor of fortification they can wear +5, brilliant weapons, eyes of the dragon, Bracers of Celestial intervention for paladin. If it can be obtained a jar of Dragons Teeth.


Throw a curve at the DM and tell him you wish to build a castle, find a wife, and retire. After you get everything you could wish for, risking your life seems silly.


Throw a curve at the DM and tell him you wish to build a castle, find a wife, and retire. After you get everything you could wish for, risking your life seems silly.
So players are talking about that, but we are honor bound to complete this mission, and events are unfolding that suggests we may be being “prepared” by some gods for some great mission or calamity. So retirement may not be an option.


(he, him)
Throw a curve at the DM and tell him you wish to build a castle, find a wife, and retire. After you get everything you could wish for, risking your life seems silly.
Twelth-level PCs are already stupendously wealth; I think if they were interested in retiring, they could have done so several levels ago. That said, building a castle is not a bad idea, and investing in other big-ticket connections with the world.

Anyway, this happened to me a couple of decades back (by accident on the GM's part...he did not think we would be able to collect all the treasure he had described, but had forgotten we already had a pair of ring gates and a castle). I cannot remember all the details of what we spent it on, but my Wizard bought a +6 cloak of Charisma (something that would be difficult to justify with normal funds). Which is kinda my point - obviously you can and will get really good weapons, armour, and stat-boosters for the things that you would normally care about. But 2M gp gives you the freedom to splash out on things you would not normally care about (but that your character might like).

OP, are you limited to PF1 stuff, or is 3.5 stuff on the table? Because I happen to the have Magic Item Compendium in easy reach ATM....



If anything's available you could get a portable hole and have a magic user create a demiplane and put the gate on a ship or airship.


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Well, if any of you have Crafting feats, you'll want to make your own items rather than buying them since that halves the cost. That might not be an option, however, if time is an issue.

For the most part, you'll want to focus on the "Big Six" magic items. Without knowing more about your character's builds, these will cost as noted in parenthesis
  • Magic weapons (200,000 gp + masterwork weapon for a +10-equivalent weapon)
  • Magic armor/shields (100,000 gp + masterwork armor for +10-equivalent armor)
  • Stat boosters (144,000 for a belt of physical perfection +6 and another 144,000 for a headband of mental superiority +6)
  • Rings of protection (50,000 gp for a ring of protection +5)
  • Amulets of natural armor (50,000 gp for an amulet of natural armor +5)
  • Cloaks of resistance (25,000 gp for a cloak of resistance +5)
So right there that's 713,000 gp, or just over a third of your budget. If you fight with two weapons, add another 200,000 gp (plus the cost of a masterwork weapon) to that for a second +10-equivalent weapon; if you use a shield, instead add 100,000 gp (plus the cost of a masterwork shield) to that to get a +10-equivalent shield.

After that, you'll want to start focus on magic items that build in multiple effects, since you only have so many body slots. This can get expensive, so take note of the overall cost:

If the item is one that occupies a specific place on a character's body, the cost of adding any additional ability to that item increases by 50%. For example, if a character adds the power to confer invisibility to her ring of protection +2, the cost of adding this ability is the same as for creating a ring of invisibility multiplied by 1.5.

You'll still have multiple open body slots, but this will already be the case for one of your ring slots (due to the ring of protection +5), your neck slot (due to the amulet of natural armor +5), your shoulders slot (due to the cloak of resistance +5), belt slot (due to the belt of physical perfection +6), and headband slot (due to the headband of mental superiority +6).

That should give you a good base from which to start spending your remaining gold.

EDIT: If you're having trouble deciding, considering buying +5 versions of a manual of bodily health, manual of gainful exercise, manual of quickness of action, tome of clear thought, tome of leadership and influence, and tome of understanding. Each one costs 137,500 gp, for a combined total of 825,000 gp, but each grants a +5 inherent bonus to one of your ability scores. Be of note that time is an issue; each item requires that you spend 48 hours over a minimum of 6 days to gain their effects (after which each item is used up, meaning that no one else can use them after you).
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