5E [IC] Creamsteak's Princes of Elemental Evil II


This cavern has formations of flowstone, stalagmites, and stalactites everywhere. A stone building is anchored in the north wall, and a stone door stands in a masonry wall to the south. A natural gap in the cavern wall to the east reveals a chasm beyond. Numerous lifelike statues have been arranged among the rock formations. The statues depict creatures in poses suggesting shock, fear, or agony.
A single sentry stands at the read in this room, almost another statue. It's arms and armor seem covered in dust and stone, but it moves fluidly along with the armor.


Kobold Stew

Carradoc stands there, transfixed by the details of the statues. Are these larger-then-life? Regardless, the shape of the creature seen through the half-light reminds him of children's tales of creature that petrify with their gaze -- and he knew from his researches that such tales had a basis in reality.

How long, precisely had they been standing there? Could he in fact move? He tries to do so, and finds that he can. With a word, "zap" and a finger pointed at the shifting creature in the middle of the room, a bot of lightning courses from his hand towards it, briefly illuminating the dark room and causing the statues to cast long shadows on the floor and walls.

OOC: Lightning bolt: [roll0] lightning damage, dex save DC 17 for half.
Spells remaining: 3/3/2/3/1 (cast: Mage Armor, Lightning bolt).
No move.


The lightning bolt crashes over the creature, though you can't tell if it was harmed.

Kubeba rages and the earthen armored creature clashes with him half-way between each other. Kubeba attack recklessly. The first attack deals half damage due to resistance (8 after), but also seems to shake off the creature's stone armor making it more vulnerable to the second attack (11).

After Kubeba's attack the creature immediately makes a single retaliating attack. This strike hits the barbarian for 3 after reduction. That was not the creature's turn though, nor a reaction.

Maighan and Carradoc can still act in the initial round, though the creature gets to take a legendary action after each of them.

Steve Gorak

Thaliss takes a few steps back, and the concentrates. A moving mass of fluid mud seems to come from the ground, and surrounds the area where Carradoc and Maighan are, and extends forward five feet.


Bonus action: none
Action: Cast silent image (misty visions invocation):the goal is to protect Maighan and Carradoc, preventing line of sight spells. Both can see though the illusion since they are in in.

Move: back ten feed to avoid being in an area attack

Concentrating on silent image

Note : Thaliss will cast shield as a reaction if the damage is more than 5 (+5 to AC).
AC: 17
HP: 84/74 (+10 from carradoc)

Resistance to fire (cloak)

Sorceror: 4/4 1st level slots
3/3 2nd level slots
3/3 3rd level slots
1/1 4th level slot
warlock: 2/2 1st level slots
Sorcery points remaining: 7/7



Thaliss makes his mud hut and the creature attack Kubeba again, this time for 9.

Maighan has an action, then the creature gets its normal turn.


Maighan shakes her head and steps forward through the illusion, focusing on the creature before her...its feet, not its eyes or head. Statues like this were a warning. She lifts her hand, and black fire ignites there.

"The gifts of life, freely given by nature...can be taken away as well. You who rebel at the natural order, who infect this world and twist it...this is my judgement upon you."

She opens her hand, and the ebon flame roars up from it...and another pillar of the same terrible stuff cascades up from the earth underneath the sentry!

The druid then stepped back behind the sheltering illusions.

(Blight! [roll0] necrotic damage, half on a successful Con save of DC 17)