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WIKI [IC] Eberron: The Plumbers


Alara nods at Korra, but gestures over the bridge. "Didn't work out well for them," she observed.

The wizard looked along the bridge to the edge of the crowd where the changeling disappeared. "Liutbrand, do you think you could track a blood trail through the city? We might still be able to catch that Changeling."

The Changeling was wounded by Rotom's arrow, so could plausibly be bleeding and doesn't have much of a head start.

KM and all, if it sounds good to you, maybe Liutbrand and dePoe take off after the Changeling? Liutbrand sends the rest of the group to the safehouse on the theory that there's no longer any time to waste - even if they catch the Changeling, it might still have had time to get a message to them.

Also, could the group hire a carriage and count the travel time as a short rest? We got some healing/spell recovery to do...

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"How Korra know you Alara? Or that Rotom? Too many changerlings." Korra says still holding her axe ready for a fight and looking around for further threats.


Alara considered Korra's words and decided to try to reassure her. "I know that when we had our last staff meeting at HQ, Fenic brought tea and Aundairan pastries," she offered. "A changeling wouldn't know that, so I'm Alara. And I haven't lost sight of any of the others since the skycar, so I can vouch for them." A bit of a stretch, she thought, but it was pretty unlikely anyone had been able to swap in a double that quickly.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Ogham nods to Alara's logic. The warforged knows that shapechangers are not necessarily bad, but they can easily undermine the teamwork needed to get things done effectively.

Although he has never been sure if changelings could appear as warforged, Ogham has sure heard stories and understands Korra's concern.


Possibly a Idiot.
Rotom ponders Korra's words.

"Changelings are shapeshifers, but even they can't keep their body changed when they are dead, or when part of it's been cut off."

With that, Rotom takes her dagger to the back of her hand, and winces a bit as she pries off a scale.

"That shouldn't take too long to grow back, but we are going to have to find something better in the long run."


Alara looked back at Liutbrand, and found him looking at DePoe in concern. The past few minutes' exertions clearly had not agreed with the latter, and a thin sheen of sweat covered his skin.

In answer to her unspoken question, Liutbrand said in a carefully casual tone. "I think DePoe should see a healer. There's one in the Tharashk compound, but I'll have to take him or they won't see him. Can the rest of you check out this safe house?"

Alara and the others nodded.

OOC: Seemed from the discussion was headed toward just having them head off-screen to deal with the illness, so I took the liberty. This OK? KM, want to move the scene ahead? I think the plan is to take the carriage ride to a tavern somewhere near the safehouse but far enough off to avoid observation, and finish a short rest there before moving in. Seem OK to all?


Lower Tavick’s Landing/Terminus
Far, 28 Rhaan, YK 998 (Early autumn)/1045
Weather: Temperature normal for the season (cool), no wind, light rain (outside the towers)
Round 0

Liutbrand and Poe head off to find a Jorasco healer to deal with Poe’s poisoning. The rest of the Plumbers continue on their way. They find a tavern for a quick pint to rest after the fight with the gnolls, and then a local Jorasco shop for some healing potions before catching another skycart for the last bit of the trip to Terminus.

OOC: You can get in a short rest, and purchase up to 4 potions of healing at the shop. The skycart will cost someone 2 silver.

The skycoach approaches a large platform at the top of a tower crowded with a diverse crew of humanoids. A prominent dock juts out from the tower, overlooking the crowded bridges and streets below. An unoccupied skycoach with a dragon-shaped prow is chained to the south platform. A crowd of about six common people and four better dressed individuals seem to be waiting around for a skycoach to be waiting to hire sky coaches. A commercial stairway ten feet wide leads off the dock and wrapping around the tower leads down before disappearing into a tenement tower below, where the changeling Sergeant Vilroy told you is the Daask safehouse somewhere.

The commercial stairway is lined with taverns and shops selling souvenirs and trinkets to visitors arriving to the city in Terminus Station at the base of the tower. It enters the top floor of the tenement building, sending the characters into a hallway with two doors off it before it ends in a set of interior stairs that go down deeper into the tower.


Ultimate: Figure out what’s going on in Lower Sharn. (25 gp each)

Alara (+1) 21 AC 11 HP 4/9 PP 12
Ogham (+1) 21 AC 15 HP 11/11 PP 15
Korra (+1) 17 AC 18 HP 14/14 PP 13 Darkvision
Rotom (+2) 5 AC 16 HP 4/10 PP 9 Darkvision

207 gp
16 gp, 15 sp, banded agate (10 gp) (Rotom)
1 unicorn-shaped feather token for each character: When you fall at least 20 feet while the token is on your person, you descend 60 feet per round and take no damage from falling. The token’s magic is expended after you land, whereupon the disk becomes nonmagical.


Alara was already looking much refreshed as the team alighted from the skycoach. She once again passed silver over to the driver without asking the others to contribute. The noblewoman wondered why she bothered, as she surely was not convincing any of her fellows that she was in possession of any fortune. But she had just spent more than half of her worldly wealth on a healing potion, it seemed silly to argue over silver.

She pulled her friends off to one side of the platform, away from the others.

"Any idea how we might find the safehouse itself?" she asked the others.

Alara pays for the skycoach.

Also, minor point: It was Alden d'orien who told the group where the safehouse was. We just told the changeling we knew where it was. :)

Back to full HP after short rest:
Alara short rest hit die roll: 1D6+3 = [5]+3 = 8



Possibly a Idiot.
Rotom purchases a potion, and equips a shield that she appropriated from the Daask Goblins earlier. The added protection affords some piece of mind against her still stinging wounds.

"Well, the locals are likely to know which places to avoid." Rotom mused. "Which are exactly the kinds of places where a safehouse would be hidden."

OOC: buying a potions and Healing a bit, but not quite all the way.
Hit Dice healing.: 1D8+2 = [2]+2 = 4


"Good thinking," Alara replied to Rotom. "So, we just need to find some people to ask? Who could we trust?" She looked at Ogham. "I don't suppose any of your animal friend could give us some guidance?" She seemed serious.

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