Idea for a genuinely horrifying horror campaign...

Start with a Western...

Turns out it's Horror! Zombies and curses!

But it turns out all the characters are in a VR program run by an evil corporation...

Which exists in a Distopian world...

Run by Time Travelers from the future!

A future world being taken over by Werewolves!

Who are... um... space pirates cursed by the moon!
and ninjas.... you forgot ninjas. lmao

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I think if you frame this as guys, I want to do something a little different.... And then go in with the idea that its a short-term side game, you and the players will be fine. Sometimes surprise is fun and the oddball twist is exciting... Oddly enough Bob's Burgers did this EXACT kind of thing in their story last night. Even down to the players complaining about it. So IF YOU SAY UPFRONT, it's going to be different and give it a chance, I say. Go for it!

To be fair, a game of switcheroo doesn't have to involve a complete shift. It doesn't have to evolve into a full-scale alien invasion, when a suitable scenario might just be some bandits who found a couple nearly empty laser pistols on some desiccated alien corpses in some wreckage out in the desert. It doesn't have to be a zombie apocalypse, if it's just a crooked undertaker raising a lone zombie to scare folks and steal their stuff. And so forth. A western campaign where the supernatural is intermittent and mixed in with the mundane wouldn't have to require too many outre rulings beyond the scope of the regular rules. Seems to me like the main bone of contention might just be how focused the system is on pure gunfighting versus everything else.

Yeah, this. Not an alien invasion and not zombie apocalypse. Something more subtle and...again...something that can get explained away rationally, but the rationalization gets harder with every session until they finally come face to face with the Horror.


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