D&D 5E Idea for Magic Item.


In Pelgrane's Swords of Serpentine there is a skill call preparedness, which, when you get enough ranks lets you flashback. Flashback lets you retroactively change the past to impact the current.

As an example (simplified of a game I played in at gen con):
Bad Guy and good guy are having drinks. Bad Guy poisons good guy. Good Guy has ranks in preparedness and spends enough points to say, "I know the guy is a master of poisons, I bribed the servants to switch the glasses." Bad guy poisoned instead.

My Question is, Would something like this work as a DND 5E item. (ring of retroactivity) lets its wearer transport back in time for 1 minute to change some detail, that may impact the current encounter or situation. I understand that this is probably wish powerful so it would have to be seriously limited.



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D&D isn't really built for this. There are games which have very effective flashback mechanics, but those are things that any player can access, and in which the DM can assign a measured cost to the action depending upon its effectiveness.

For just one player to be able to do it, and based on a magic item rather than a mechanic with some inherent cost to it, feels like it would just be a bit too disruptive to play.

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