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The Savage Frontier: An OSRIC or OSE Advanced campaign set in the original version of the Forgotten Realms, following the originally presented idea that adventuring parties in Faerun are traveling mercenary companies. In the aftermath of the devastating war with the forces of Dragonspear Castle and with many remaining mercenaries leaving to fight in the war between Luskan and Ruathym, there is great opportunity for even small and inexperienced companies from the Heartlands up in the North. The first campaign is about defending the towns of the Dessarin Valley against raiders from the Elk tribe and the ambitions of conquest of the Griffon tribe. The second campaign is about fighting the trolls and orcs of the Evermoors that are threatening Nesme. In the third campaign, the compang moves to Everlund to get involved in the search for Grandfather Tree and conflict between the Tree Ghost and Blue Bear tribe in the northern High Forest, and the threat from the ancient evil imprisoned in the Nameless Dungeon that the shaman of the Blue Bears is messing with.

The Heart of Darkness: An OSRIC or OSE Advanced Planescape campaign that takes place in the Outlands, Beastlands, Pandemonium, Ysgard, Carceri, and Gehenna, with a yugoloth as the main antagonist, to visit parts of the outer planes that don't normally get any attention. (That is: Not the Abyss, Nine Hells, Mount Celestia, Arborea, Limbo, and Sigil.) It revolves around an incredibly powerful artifact of entropy that becomes of great interest to the Doomguard, Bleak Cabal, Revolutionary League, and Dustmen.

Shadows of the Sith Empire: A Star Wars d6 Knights of the Old Republic campaign set 15 years after Revan annihilated the Republic Fleet at the Star Forge and launched another major invasion of the Mid Rim with his new fleet. Soon after he vanished for years into the Unknown Regions, leaving the defense and management of the Empire to his apprentice. When he returned and started a new war with the Republic with no respect for losses, his apprentice betrayed him and destroyed his flag ship, becoming the new Sith Empress, and ending the invasion to strengthen the defense of her empire.
The Empress knows that it is only a matter of time until her apprentices will betray her and destroy the empire she build and sends out her agents to find the remnants of Jedi Library on the planet Ossus that what lost when the Sith Brotherhood destroyed its star, and the hidden tomb of Naga Sadow, hoping to learn about the secret power that the ancient Dark Lords of the Sith used to keep their Empire together.

The Outer Rim: A Star Wars d6 campaign about a group of senatorial aides and guards and deserting imperial officers who flee from Coruscant after the Senate is dissolved to hide among the smugglers and mercenaries of the Outer Rim to escape the purges. The Moff now taking control over the region between Sullust and Tatooine decides to establish Imperial order in the lawless region and put an end to the blatantly open spice smuggling. The increased heat makes the Hutts and Black Sun fear for the profits of the spice smuggling and start an all out war against each other over who is going to control corrupt Imperial officials through bribery and blackmail to continue the smuggling in more secret ways. This only makes crime go up and the Empire respond with more brutality, creating an increasingly violent environment and more resentment for the Empire, which the small rebel groups in the region see as an opportunity to find many new fighters for their slowly building uprising.

Sankt Pauli bei Nacht: A Vampire campaign set in Hamburg in the 2010s. The dominant factions in the city are ancient Ventrue patricians who have been extremely wealthy merchants since the middle ages and are now heavily into shipping and secretly control most of the second largest harbor in Europe after Rotterdam, and a new group of Brujah who have claimed the poor neighborhoods in the city's east. Even after 70 years, the Ventrues of Hamburg are still traumatized by the city's destruction in The War, when Operation Gomora reduced the city to ashes in a week of incendiary bombing, in which most elders were destroyed in the inferno. The still charred remains of St. Nicholai's church in the city center are a common meeting place for vampire negotiations, and the main hangout for younger vampires is the Nasty+Mean bar inside the old concrete flak tower (a real place). The city's whole subway system is the turf of a gang of Nosferatu. And the Saint Paul nightlife district on the waterfront, that used to be the no man's land between Hamburg and Altona that attracted all the businesses banned inside the two cities in the middle ages and became home to outcasts off all types, is still respected as the traditional turf of Malkavians. After the city center was destroyed, the badly mauled Ventrue left the rubble of the Saint George neighborhood to squatting Brujah. But as the city recovered, the poor area close to the center attracted many students with cheap rents, and many decided to stay even once they started making good money. Now that the neighborhood is getting more fancy again, the Ventrue want to reclaim the territory that has been theirs by ancient tradition, but the Brujah aren't going to leave it without a fight.

Murky Waters: A Mutant: Year Zero campaign set in what is left of Denmark and Northern Germany after an asteroid impact in Antartica in the 1990s melted all the ice and released clouds of deadly lichen spores throughout the atmosphere. With sea levels rising by 80 meters, only the tallest hills in the region remained as a scattering of hundreds of small islands. The few humans who had resistance to the spores infecting their lungs still had the alien fungus infect their brains, sometimes leading to the development of strange telepathic powers, sensing the presence and even some thoughts of other infected creatures. The toxins released by the lichen's spores are still deadly in large concentrations even to people with resistance to it. But the lichen can easily be killed with salt, and the salty water of the stormy sea appears to inhibit the lichen growing near the coast and on small islands, making these areas the last habitable places on Earth.
(Desert and ice apocalypses have been done a thousand times, and 50s or 80s retro-future post-apocalypse is also a cliche. So I made a wet apocalypse based on the 90s, set right here at home.)

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