D&D 5E Octane Nights - Ideas and Pitch


Periodically, I enjoy creating campaign worlds, this is one I'm putting together for Everyday Heros, which is a modern take on D&D 5E.

In 1988, the modern world came to an end.

None of the survivors of that night of terror know exactly what sent the world into a death spiral, but by the time the sun rose across the world the next day, the world was forever changed. People have stopped counting the years since then - at least an entire generation has grown up in the new world.

The great cities of the past age are shattered skeletons of steel and concrete lit only at night by the sky-high bonfires of the survivors who defy the zombie hordes that stalk its streets. Vampire gangs and their ghoul minions stalk the daylit shadows and subway networks, seeking wayward victims to increase their cotories in their unending battles for the cities dwindling resources. Hunter teams dare the daylight streets, salvaging tech and supplies before they retreat before the night falls.

New Geothermal cities built by the remaining purestrain humans strive to rise from the once suburban communities, protected behind sigil-warded gates that protect them from the vast wilderness and nuclear wastelands that dot the landscape. Resources to keep these centers of populations are often scarce, requiring trade, scavenging and tapping into the waning energies of the Earth itself to keep running. Many employ Runners - crews of scavengers who hunt the surrounding areas in old gas-powered vehicles for resources to keep the NeoUrban centers supplied and safe.

In the untamed lands between the NeoUrban centers and the City Husks, feral tribes of survivors and NewGenes strive to make their way in the new world. While some survive on the scavenged tech of the old world, just as many seek to learn from the mistakes of the past and seek to heal the wounds of the world around them for the next generation.

Rising from the wastelands, military forces of biohazard-suited soldiers occasionally appear, seeking supplies and forces to restore their ranks as they continue their ceaseless wars with mysterious forces. Rumors abound that these military coteries and their strangely futuristic tech battle not only long-forgotten and fallen nation-states, but alien or transdimensional forces seeking a beachhead in the deep radioactive craters and remote nooks of the world. It is rare that these conflict spread beyond these inhospitable areas, but they are frightening and well-armed when they do.

In this world, are you a purestrain human (or clone), trying to survive the fall of the world you inherited? Perhaps you are an android or cyborg, one of the technological marvels created before or invented since the fall? Are you a NewGene, created from the science of the old world or spawned by the strange changes to the new? Perhaps you are a Shadow, a human tainted by the NecroAnimix virus, trying to avoid succumbing to its madness while finding some way to survive.

Take on the role of a Runner, Rider or Driver with the rest of your crew, sifting through the old world for the things you and your teammates need to survive. Maybe you will be a Preserver, a neoscientist knowledgable in the moden technologies with an eye of establishing a new world that won't repeat the mistakes of the World That Was. Conversely, Collectors delve into ancient ruins seeking and activating technologies of the past in the hope of a return to the World that Was. You might be one of the rare Surfers, delving into the remnants of the cybernetic dream world that flickers in the sky above or in the hopeless city shells of the World That Was. Or perhaps be a Necromancer, tainted with or the ability to manipulate the fell disease that raises the dead as flesh-eating monsters. Or maybe you are a Warlock, empowered with the ley energies of the Earth itself to fight against the legacy of the fall? Might you be a Recruiter or Scout for a military force, protecting the world from an enemy invasion or a Spy collecting data for your own forces? Or are you a Survivor, just trying to make it from day to day in the World That Is?

Comments, ideas and observations are welcome - I'm just starting on this idea, and its initially a bit of a mix of ideas from RWBY, Resident Evil, Ghost in the Shell and The Electric State.

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Guide of Modos
Looks cool! I wasn't expecting time-travelers to get thrown in with zombies, which is different. The name/thread title sort of conjures Sandy and Danny of Grease for me, though.


Looks cool! I wasn't expecting time-travelers to get thrown in with zombies, which is different. The name/thread title sort of conjures Sandy and Danny of Grease for me, though.
I'm definitely open to other names - original name came from the idea of Runners and their gas-powered vehicles.

Some visual ideas....


Voidrunner's Codex

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