if interested..


First Post
Mysteries cloaked figure moves up to the boards pinning up a parchment written in old fashoin, feather pen with black ink

" Starting a group, if interested please leave a note. With the information of where your normally at, if unable to. Leave a note, I'll let you know when and where to talk."

The figure then moves from the boards, leaving the note by itself.

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That humble Tiefling that is Den'Mac Coban had clearly spotted this note prior to posting his reply, the writting is crisp, clean and elegant, like that of a professional scribe.

"One does not wish to sound rude, but perhaps another should leave more information in regards to this mentioned group in the making. The attention of the folk must be grabbed for interest to be taken. It is of no interest to be offensive towards the desires of a maker, only that to be helpfull."

The note remains unsigned. Tacked up by a small golden pin.

Epic Threats

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