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Review if skill1 x skill2 < 10

le Redoutable

sorry I don't know how to name this topic :)
here we go :

the idea here is :
a skill may reach any level;
from one round to the other you multiply value x skill
where value is the result of last round multiplications
you begin the encounter with a skill of 3;
next round you use a skill of 4
now value is 3x4
between each round you divide value by 10
so now value is 12/10===>1.2
to stay engaged in the encounter you must have a value of 1+
if you wish to stay in the encounter you must use a 9+
a 9 will produce 1.2 x 9 / 10 ===> 1.08
this rounds to three rounds of fight ( or whatever )
if a skill reaches 10 your value will never drop below 1
and if your skill exceeds 10 you will even retrieve breath ( or whatever , hope it is not too hazy folks :) )

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Too much multiplication and decimal numbers for fluent play at the table. I would ask the question "What are you trying to archive with this?" Isn't there a simpler way to get this?

Also: why don't you use your single big 9+ skill all the time? Wouldn't this system result in a very samey round by round action? The good thing is, that I CAN use my Persuade skill from time to time, even though I am not good at it. With this system I would drop out for not investing enough?

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