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Limit Break Dancing
It's not an image, but this could make an excellent Starfinder/Stars Without Number/Esper Genesis campaign.

When I look up at the sky, what meets my eyes?
Can I just stand by while the world dies?
A starship idling nearby, is it my time?
I crawl inside and turn the cockpit clockwise, toward the sunrise

I hear a voice in the back of my head
Screaming "this is suicide! Did you hear what I said?"
But then it fades into nothing with the rest of the light and sound
I'm on my way out!

Lift off! The firestorm ignites
Last thoughts of a life by candlelight
Inside this speeding satellite

Today, so many moons away
I safely say
We stand as one
A bond beyond the vast wave, until the last grave

The mission orders typed and lights up our screens
Ignition flights
A thousand minds move simultaneously
Into the night a fleet of firelight jet engines scream
Turn the key

This is my destiny!

Last flight!
I'd gladly give my life for one night as a justice acolyte
Light shines only for the blind
Escape the endless dream of space, black seas that I can't navigate
Locate the great Starlight Brigade

Starlight within will guide
Us to the other side

Lift off! The firestorm ignites
Last thoughts of a life by candlelight
Inside this speeding satellite

Halfway between the black and gray
Is no place for a life to waste away
I'll take the road with all the stakes (Starlight Brigade)

Black knights and dark side battlecries
All die once they're in my line of sight
This fight is all I know that's right (whoa yeah)

No fate but that of which we make
Noble as the oath we undertake
We are the great Starlight Brigade!
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Far more clumsy and random than a blaster

Hand of Evil



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