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What do you do if your players kill an important NPC? Specifically Asrabey Varal who comes back in Adventure 5, and Rock Rackus who looks to be important in the final act of the campaign. Do you just have them return from the dead? If so, when?

DM's of Zeitgeist, are there any other important NPC's your murder hobo's constables have purposefully accidentally killed?

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Andrew Moreton

For Rock I would just have him come back and explain how one of his lovers/enemies/freinds etc ressurrected him as part of the epic Rock Ballard which is his life. Remember the PC's are just but players on the epic story of Rock Rakus , or at least they will be when the ballards are written. I treat him as the main PC in a different campaign, which is clearly some sort of Harem fantasy.

Most of the others are hard to kill, and for most of them I would replace with a similar npc, Asraby gets replaced with a different Unseen court enforcer. The biggest problems I can see are characters like Tinker, the Steelshaper or the mindmaker as they hard to replace , and hold the plot together although there should be little chance of finishing them off.
So far no-one important to the plot has been killed early by my group so far and I have not even had to fudge things


It'd be my preference to replace their role with existing major NPCs. Gale for Asrabey maybe, heck maybe even Gale for Rock in Book 12. Doing so does however require a pretty darn in-depth knowledge of all the AP books where they return.

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