ZEITGEIST Impossible speeds


Think I'm going to combine a few ideas after chatting to him. We agreed not to retcon and look for a way to adapt consequences a bit for general gameplay (he doesn't know most of this):

He's in trouble, he should be fired but the Fey lord will show up and throws a spanner in the works

His dismissal gets reduced to a 3 day suspension + his magic item allocation will be dropped 1 rank below the parties.

Saxby still wants a head to roll, and Stover had put his neck on the line for the party already so he gets caught in the crossfire. Party likes the character and I'll RP Stover as furious/not interested in apologies. I'll replace him with an uptight micro-managing NPC who will grate on the parties nerves a LOT for a few days until they leave on the mission to pyramid. I'll montage a lot of this given we're a player down.

After they come back their new boss will fill in but some of Stover's scenes could happen with him as a informant rather than chief, still wanting the case solved as more murders are happening. He returns in the "meet the new boss" scene and first order is to get the constables reporting to him directly and removing Mason's magic item allocation.

Might be overcooking it a bit but think it works and will give the PC some consequences that he's expecting and some he's not, keeps gameplay going etc

Any holes? :D Thanks again!

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