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IN OUR DREAMS AWAKE #2 (OF 4) By Egg Embry And John McGuire Is Live On Kickstarter

Live on Kickstarter, the second issue of a dream comic book miniseries from John McGuire (The Crossing), Edgar Salazar (X-Men Blue), Egg Embry (EN World and Knights of the Dinner Table), and Rolands Kalniņš (Coins of Judas): In Our Dreams Awake #2.
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In the first issue:
  • Jason Byron wakes up as a painter in a land ruled by magic and magi lords. An artist in a world at war with technology, he rebelled by using a banned telescope. What he sees changes everything.
  • Jason Byron wakes up as a cyberpunk gang lord in Drowned London. An alien violating his turf means violence. Jason has to stand his ground, yet hide who the trespasser is to him from his gang and his rivals.
In this issue:
  • Jason Byron wakes up as a fantasy painter. A spaceship crashes, and he’s ordered to document the site but forget what he’s seen. What happens when no spell can erase this forbidden knowledge from Jason’s mind?
  • Jason Byron wakes up as a cyberpunk gang lord. He’s in the middle of a war, but he’s been summoned to parley with cats. What happens when Jason refuses to stop fighting?
For Jason Byron, what’s real? Which life is his existence? Which life is his dream?
In Our Dreams Awake #2 features 25 pages of story plus 3 covers by Moonee Art, Rolands Kalniņš, and Egg Embry. This dreampunk, cyberpunk, and fantasy tale is inspired by Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Inception, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Dreamscape, What Dreams May Come, Dream Within a Dream, Black Mirror: “San Junipero,” The Sopranos: “Funhouse,” Deckard's dream in Blade Runner, and the hopes of everyone lost in a fantasy trying to find the hidden meaning. We’re asking you to support our dream of printing this complete comic. Before you back us, check out what reviewers are saying about IN OUR DREAMS AWAKE:

“I’m gonna tell you that [In Our Dreams Awake #1] is a very positive case of ‘what the hell did I just read?’” - Paul @ The Pullbox

“Switching to the second section was very jarring, but within the context of the full issue was done well. Splicing two very different comics in everything from style, colour, tone, and writing to create this weird chimera was a big gamble which I think pays off.” - Adam Brown @ BIG COMIC PAGE

"...there are some great scenes as Jason, looking like a cross between Grant Morrison and John Constantine, has a punch up with a Fish Man. In multiple panels across a two page splash we follow the fists and head butts." - @ Daredevils & Warriors for issue 1

“If you are a fan of Transmetropolitan or Halo Jones then you will enjoy the world-building, the visions of futuristic dystopia and the blurring of lines between reality and dreams." - @ Daredevils & Warriors for issue 2

"In the Taoist tradition of the Zhuangzi - in which a man wakes from a dream in which he was a butterfly with no knowledge of being human; a dream so vivid that he is uncertain if he is a man dreaming he is a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he is a man - Jason Byron is a mystery to himself." - Zak Webber @ Sci-Fi Comic Nexus

"The book is a blend of multiple genres and art styles, all tied together by the broader themes of love and questioning reality. The story of In Our Dreams Awake follows Jason Byron, a man who falls asleep in one world and awakens in another, and neither world is an exact parallel of the 'real world'." - Blake Worrell @ The Splintering

"The highlight of this issue is its central premise. McGuire and Embry write different stories that feel similar but would stand equally well separate from each other. The two writers find a balance between copying the same plot and telling stories so different that no connection is apparent. The balance is struck well enough that you can see enough similarities to perceive a vague connection without too much overlap. That may sound weird, but it will make more sense once you read the issue." - @ Comical / Opinions

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In Our Dreams Awake #2: A Cyberpunk/Fantasy Adventure from John McGuire
Monday, April 8 through Friday, May 10, 2024 on Kickstarter
“Jason Byron can't wake up! The painter paints a crashed alien spaceship. The cyberpunker fights a gang war and talks with cats. HELP!”

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