Info from the WotC 2007 January to April Catalog

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Viktyr Gehrig

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Plane Sailing said:
Also there is no artificial class division between jedi guardian and jedi counsellor (yay!) and only one force skill to put skill points into, and a whole lot more.

Got my attention, now. I was wondering if I was going to be wanting it.

Looking forward to Complete Scoundrel and Dungeonscape, too. Still want a Jungle/Swamp book, though...


Hmm... I'm starting to wonder if SW:Saga will give us a glimpse at the "better miniatures integration" that's coming with the eventual 4E. Even though I have no real interest in running a Star Wars game, the book may be worth a look-see for that reason alone.


Creature Cataloguer
Whisper72 said:
Ehmm.... Expedition to the City of the Gods?? Expedition to the City of Brass?? Expedition to the Desert of Desolation???

Expedition to the Expedition to the Barrier Peaks? :)


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