Info from the WotC 2007 January to April Catalog

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jsewell said:
Thanks for the info Thalmin!

I'm sorry for all the members of the Mispelled Name Club (it'd really PO me to be miscredited!).

No one feel too bad -- my last name is Link, and I have people I work with who STILL think my last name is Lynch! :eek:


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I've actually got quite a bit of good mileage out of the Complete books (with the exception of Complete Divine), so I'll probably pick up Complete Scoundrel. Complete Adventurer and Complete Mage, IMO, have been excellent, so I'm hoping CS continues the trend. Besides, I'm one of those rouge...err, I mean rogue lovers.

Secrets of Sarlona and Demonweb Pit look great...definitely on my "must buy" list.

Also, I can't help but wondering if the Cormyr adventure has something to do with Paul Kemp's new Realms trilogy since it's rumored to be about a "realms shaking event".


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Henry said:
No one feel too bad -- my last name is Link, and I have people I work with who STILL think my last name is Lynch! :eek:

who do people confuse you with more - Link from the Mod Squad, or Curly Q. Link? ;)


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IuztheEvil said:
Welcome to the club of the misspelled names. I cannot count how many different ways I have seen my last name misspelled. That damn silent H gets em' every time.

There is a silent h in evil?



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Well, looks like I'll be buying the Star Wars Core rules book again. I really only have myself to blame. And here I'd gone and thought, maybe even hoped, they let the RPG license slide. Though now that I think about it, that's probably part and parcel of the mini license as well.

Plane Sailing

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Henry said:
"Star Wars RPG" - looking even better with all that "Revised" talk. I have a feeling we'll see it look more like 3.5 in the combat rules and some of the feats, but the Extra work on the Force stuff is what I want to see.

There have been a few threads (back when SWSE was first 'leaked') that have clarified that it is a pretty major rewrite - we're not expecting to see 3.5e combat and feats as such since they are using a new ("more cinematic"?) hit point paradigm, for instance. Also there is no artificial class division between jedi guardian and jedi counsellor (yay!) and only one force skill to put skill points into, and a whole lot more.

It is the one thing on the list I'm definitely looking forward to.


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JoeGKushner said:
At the same time however, Complete anything makes me vomit a little. Sorry, but if going back to PrCs with five page descriptions is the best WoTC can do in 07'...(

I'm with you, man. The newer p-class format is lame. It's like 30% content and 70% waste of space filler.

Mark Hope

Plane Sailing said:
...and only one force skill to put skill points into...
Apparently skill points are out as well, and several skills are being collapsed under single headings. Should be interesting to see how it works. If it's a decent system, I can see myself adapting it for 3.5 games - I find the 3e skill system to be a bit too fiddly.


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