4E Inframinions


I always frowned upon the scenario of missing for a couple of rounds against a minion.

I don´t like how they can waste so many PC actions, in such a non-fun way.

So I added some options for minons:

If you attack it, it dies
This option makes it very easy and clear to see that the minions are used to absorb PCs actions.
They are boring, but can be interesting if player have to juggle different types of attacks.
You can double the amount of minions this way, halving their damage.

Whenever you attack a minion, it dies whether you hit ot miss.

If you attack it, something happens
This option makes every attack or condition on a minion more meaningful.
If a minion is under a harmful condition or you have CA against it, an attack kills the minion.
If you miss a minion it is stunned.

It´s cheaper to deal with minions
You can stun a minion UEOYNT using a Basic Attack as a move action.