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Integrating Patreon and Quickstarters


I've currently got a Patreon with a little over 70 patrons and charge 2.00 a release (I've been producing around 7-8 hexes a year, averaging about 25 pages per release). It doesn't really pay for what I produce, but I think it helps to keep me motivated with my writing, and it helps to build a following. I have recently, however, been thinking about trying a Quickstarter (1-2 week duration) for one of my upcoming hexes to see how that goes. I guess I've got a couple of questions:

*Is there a way to integrate Patreon and Kickstarter. To clarify, is there a way to give existing patrons a code that "unlocks" a secret Kickstarter tier so there can be some tangible reward for Patrons?

*Has anyone done anything with the shorter Kickstarters? I'd be looking to raise around 500.00, with pledges at about 3.00 (for pdf or at-cost print) to 5.00 (for pdf and pod combo). I know Morrus talks a bit about them in his guide to Kickstarter advertising thread.

*Is it foolish to try and do both? So far I've been doing my Patreon for about three years, and have run two Kickstarters in the past year. By far the Kickstarters have been the most successful, both in reach and amount raised, but for some reason I'm hesitant to give up on Patreon. Perhaps I'm just being foolish, however.

*Any other advice people can offer would be great.


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