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5E [INTEREST CHECK] The Curse of Amberstar


How dare real life get in the way of the game!

Seriously no worries. Do what you have to do. It has or will happen to all of us.
Ok--I've been gone for a while. Again. And I apologize.

As such, I've debated long and hard, and decided that I needed to drop my games here on EN World. Not because I don't enjoy playing, but because I respect all of you, and the game, too much to continually leave you in limbo while I'm off doing whatever IRL stuff I happen to have going on at the time.

The lack of d&d gamers in this town was, I thought, particularly astounding. For the life of me I couldn't find anyone. So I went out on a limb and tried something: I started a d&d Facebook group for local gamers, and I offered up my homebrew world to anyone who wanted to participate in a kind of 'living world'. Now I have close to 100 members in the group, and I'm running one-shots once or twice a week, in addition to my regular Wednesday group who I also managed to hook up with. I am constantly getting new characters to review, and writing quick adventures on the fly while fielding an ungodly amount of FB messages. Turns out that the local community wasn't dead--there was just no outlet. Inadvertently, I have now found myself at the head of it. Our FLGS is pointing people in my direction now when someone goes in to ask about d&d. I really am gobsmacked by the suddenness of it all.

I tell you all of this so that you'll know what I've been doing, and why I've been away for so long, and so hopefully you'll understand why I have to leave my games here. I just simply don't have the time to dedicate to them anymore, and I don't want to hold you guys up. I hope that you can find it in your hearts to understand, and forgive me.

And for the standard disclaimer: If you're in more than one game with me, you'll see this message again as I copy it to the others as well.

Thank you for understanding.



the magical equivalent to the number zero
Wow, it's amazing that from a simple Facebook group such a huge thing emerges! Honestly I'm glad you've found such a wealth of (new) players, although I understand it can be all-consuming.

Of course I'm sad that you're dropping out of this game, but man, I'd do the exact same thing if I were you. Have fun; I did with you as a fellow player! :)
[MENTION=23298]industrygothica[/MENTION], we'll miss you, that's for sure, but of course we understand! Don't be a stranger! COme around, if only for a nice chat and a few laughs!

Guys, I have a big public test tomorrow and then I'll update all my games. Sorry again, This month became a nightmare, hehehe. Keep your fingers crossed, and please warn the guys at Maran and Laholt for me, will you?