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5E [INTEREST CHECK] The Curse of Amberstar

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Ok--I've been gone for a while. Again. And I apologize.

As such, I've debated long and hard, and decided that I needed to drop my games here on EN World. Not because I don't enjoy playing, but because I respect all of you, and the game, too much to continually leave you in limbo while I'm off doing whatever IRL stuff I happen to have going on at the time.

The lack of d&d gamers in this town was, I thought, particularly astounding. For the life of me I couldn't find anyone. So I went out on a limb and tried something: I started a d&d Facebook group for local gamers, and I offered up my homebrew world to anyone who wanted to participate in a kind of 'living world'. Now I have close to 100 members in the group, and I'm running one-shots once or twice a week, in addition to my regular Wednesday group who I also managed to hook up with. I am constantly getting new characters to review, and writing quick adventures on the fly while fielding an ungodly amount of FB messages. Turns out that the local community wasn't dead--there was just no outlet. Inadvertently, I have now found myself at the head of it. Our FLGS is pointing people in my direction now when someone goes in to ask about d&d. I really am gobsmacked by the suddenness of it all.

I tell you all of this so that you'll know what I've been doing, and why I've been away for so long, and so hopefully you'll understand why I have to leave my games here. I just simply don't have the time to dedicate to them anymore, and I don't want to hold you guys up. I hope that you can find it in your hearts to understand, and forgive me.

And for the standard disclaimer: If you're in more than one game with me, you'll see this message again as I copy it to the others as well.

Thank you for understanding.



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Wow, it's amazing that from a simple Facebook group such a huge thing emerges! Honestly I'm glad you've found such a wealth of (new) players, although I understand it can be all-consuming.

Of course I'm sad that you're dropping out of this game, but man, I'd do the exact same thing if I were you. Have fun; I did with you as a fellow player! :)

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[MENTION=23298]industrygothica[/MENTION], we'll miss you, that's for sure, but of course we understand! Don't be a stranger! COme around, if only for a nice chat and a few laughs!

Guys, I have a big public test tomorrow and then I'll update all my games. Sorry again, This month became a nightmare, hehehe. Keep your fingers crossed, and please warn the guys at Maran and Laholt for me, will you?



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Archon is once again swamped in student papers. Once he comes up for air, he will hopefully chime in.

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