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DMs Guild Introducing the Bard College of Painters - Aid your companions with magical paintings!


First Post
Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you all my second publication on the DMs Guild - available HERE. It's a brand new subclass for the Bard, all geared around painting, rather than the traditional musical features.

Aid your companions with magical paintings. Paint portraits to provide temporary hit points, or create lustrous landscapes to alter the battle field around you and more besides.

Included in this document are the following Chromaturgic delights:

  • A brand new College for the bard - the College of Painters!
  • Two new spells - one with a new summonable creature, the chromatic ooze.
  • Two new thematic feats.

If you wanted to check out some of my work for free first, I have two monk subclasses up as PWYW HERE.

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