(IR) IR Interlude Turn 6 - Turn 7 (thread 1)

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William Ronald

Late night replies

Hello, my friends:

I just e-mailed Gnomeworks about his computer problems. He seems to have some complex technical headaches. I think a delay of turn to let him fix it, and allow Maudlin and kaboom to return would be a good idea.

I have heard from Reprisal. He may return. If he does, here is an idea. Maybe he and Alyx can share the UC of Toril. As Mr. Draco and Anabstercorian (the former Riot Gear) know, Reprisal plays a bit differently from Forrester. I do hope Forrester returns.

Mr. Draco, you did have a question. The Oerth Alliance would have to consider any applications for membership. We do stand for religious tolerance and the rights of the individual. As President, I can call for a vote. We may even consider giving a potential member time to prove his true intentions.

(Your faction has had a few changes in direction, so some people may want to figure out your true intentions.)

Serpenteye -- The quote about Ian Payne was funny.:D Hazen is older than Ian Payne would be. He was already old during the Greyhawk Wars, 40 years before this IR.

Edena, I agree with you about the family feeling here in the IR. I may oppose some people here, but I do wish them well in life.

Hazen greets any representatives of the Veiled Society as honored guests, and answers their questions. He will not jeopardize the security of the Oerth Alliance in doing so, however.

Ho Skoteinos, Hazen and Kalanyr already restored your dead NPCs. You did commit your forces to help with the battle in Veluna, so I have restored your NPCs. Allies should be rewarded. Hazen would like to have them attend one of his lectures on ethics. (Ho, some of your NPCs are evil. Hazen is being very nice to them, and suggesting they reform themselves. )

Zelda, if you wish, the Kevellond League will restore your dead NPCs. However, I think you can legitimately ask Edena for new NPCs. Maybe these people recently rose to power. Or some may have been magically imprisoned or travelling forward in time. Slerotin., Last Mage of Power of the Suel Imperium, might be a good Greyhawk NPC to claim. He urged the Suel to goodness and not to fight amongst themselves. (See pg. 64 of the Living Greyhawk Gazetter for details.) He might even know Katha. It would give her someone to talk to who would have a common frame of reference.

I would like to say again that I appreciate Edena's efforts in running this IR. We all should express our gratitude every know and then to him.

Tokiwong: Your Iuz posts have been fine examples of role playing and humor.

(If it's alright Edena, Hellmaster will contact Athas-I was afraid if I did it recently I would be accused of metagaming, but this was my intent since the time where everyone started getting help from other worlds)

(If I am metagaming here, please tell me and I will edit this)

Images of Hellmaster Phibrizzo appear towards the Dragon Kings, him kneeling in their presence and respectfully greeting them, asking for a few words and waiting their reply before speaking. "You are the mighty, the powerful, Dragon Overlords of Athas, gods in your own right, I greet you. My name is Phibrizzo, not one of your people-as I have imagined several stranger people have come before...I use no powers to amplify my presence, your wisdom is too great for it if I tried, I do not mock you, I wish to help you. You are being mislead by these people...your people are being attacked by a thing unfamiliar to you...yet the ones you are allying with are even closer allies to the ones who are attacking you! The world where these fiends come from is Oerth, a world very different from yours, hosting many plagues and pests like them...in Oerth there is much that you people here are deprived from, resources such as water-which is abundant! As well as powerful metals and powers to test your great mental prowess and magicks...As well as what you need to help you against this problem you have been situated in. Oerthblood, seeping from the wounds of our planet I share its secrets to you freely as a sign of friendship. Even more, I invite you to become the allies of my nation, one who has never lifted a hand upon you or is an ally with those who wish to destroy you...Come with me, come into Oerth, raise your armies...we shall set aside a glorious nation for Athas, one which resources hold aplenty...help us defeat our enemies, this red goo which scourges you...this fake ally of yours, these liars, cheaters, charlatans! You are both mighty in strength and intellect and we hold much in common...I leave you with your decision."
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Re: Late night replies

William Ronald said:
Hello, my friends:

Serpenteye -- The quote about Ian Payne was funny.:D Hazen is older than Ian Payne would be. He was already old during the Greyhawk Wars, 40 years before this IR.

Hello, to you too.

It was just a silly joke. But you have to admit that you have a lot in common with Ian Payne. He created the United Commonwealth, you founded the Alliance of Oerth. He was touched by an Angel, you became an Angel. He's generally a good guy, just like you. Your style of writing and play also reminds me a lot of his.
Above all you're both very talented role players, but there's a lot of those in the IR. :)


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The Eternal Empire of Iuz... errr Toril

Iuz looked at the strange clothes the gentle maidens from the Eternal Empire of Toril were fitting to his small frame. The sea-blue robe was called a kimono, Iuz merely waited as they fitted him with a belt they called an obi and then placed two swords at his side, a daisho it was called…

Iuz finally looked up to the diplomat from the Eternal Empire, “This is all very interesting…” he looked slightly amused, “and I appreciate the gifts… Xianghyu… they are in a word… lovely…”

Talindra watched the Torillian with a cautious eye… “It looks becoming Lord Iuz…”

Xianghyu cleared his throat and spoke up, “Now as to the offer made… Iuz… we have a few stipulations…”

Iuz looked up his form growing to match the height of the Torillian, “What stipulations…”

The diplomat nodded, “We demand that you work towards a better world… this Oerth is lifeless… dull… war torn… and…” the diplomat never finished… his innards lying on the floor… as the maidens gasped…

“I will be the one making the demands here…” he turned to the rest of the Diplomatic retinue… “First you ‘demand’ a green world… well I am very much searching for that kind of world…”

The diplomats cringed in fear, “Wha… what… do you want?”

“Everything…” he smiles… as Talindra only shook her head slowly, “I want everything… the world… its soul… its flesh… its very fiber of being… I want it all… but for the present I will settle for a little less then the world… a world of my own making… think of it a whole world to exploit… and to make a jewel…”

One of the diplomats gulped… “A jewel… a world… a…” he closed his mouth as Iuz glared at him…

“Did I give you permission to speak… mortal… not while I am still in my train of thought… we shall move my Temple City of Chorazin to this world… and thanks to your mastery of magic… which I was easily able to grasp… the transition will hopefully be smooth… it will be the greatest project known to your world… to any world…”

He opens his palm and in it a spinning globe of a green and blue world forms… “I will create a world… some say it is impossible… the task too monumental… I say it is not great enough… I am the Destroyer, but is not destruction only a facet of life… and is not life a facet of creation,” Iuz paused and gazed upon the image in his palm, “Beautiful… and perfect… that is what it is… beautiful and perfect. A world that will be green, free of conflict, a perfect world for the birth of a new order…”

The diplomats looked on in awe… “Beautiful… can this be done…”

“We shall attempt the impossible… and we shall succeed,” Iuz replied.

Talindra smiled to herself… perhaps Iuz had finally found his path…

OOC: Thanks for the kinds words you guys... anyways for my next trick... once the next turn lurches forward... not sure if this has been addressed but I am reating a Pocket Dimension... then a world to put inside said dimension... using 11th level magic... ooooh I like that...


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Very well Edena. If it is your wish that I take the UC, I will do so willingly. I will rescind the same if you so request.

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