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(IR) Preparations for the 3rd IR - Thread 4

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I for one will support your changes full heartedly, despite the fact that it means I'll have trouble getting to the warzone from my far-off oriental empires. I suppose that is what sea-going vessels were invented for :).

One thing I would like to know is how you plan to moderate the movements of our armed forces from place to place. Will it be on an individual basis, or will rules be put into place as to how far an army can move in a turn?

And how will ocean travel, skyships, effect such rates?

Again, I do support this decision. The first turn of this war is going to be a bloody mess, but the chaos is all for fun.

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Sollir Furryfoot, to make things easy on you ...

Go to the first post on the first page of this thread.
It is a huge post.
It lists all of the available races, powers, and peoples that can be claimed.

From that list, claim any 3 Planar Powers that you wish - any 3 you want, just so long as you don't pick both evils and goods.
Goods and neutrals, or evil and neutrals, are fine.

Then, just assume you have the Undead.
I will list that you have the Undead.
If you wish to choose a particular type of undead from the MM to come and help you, just let me know, or write it down on this thread.

Then, take a look at all those powers on the world of Oerth.

Now, currently, all of them are claimed ... which means, people have gone to every one of them and said: that's mine!

But it isn't necessarily so.

You may claim any of those powers for yourself.
Up to a Power Level of 100 (see that each nation has PL after it, and a number? Just add them up!)

When you claim a nation, people, or whatever, that is already claimed, we have what is called a Contested Claim.
There are two ways to deal with Contested Claims:

You may negotiate with the other person claiming the nation you are claiming.
Come to a compromise, or a deal.

Or, if the other player won't do that, and you still want the nation, you may declare you are maintaining the contest.

At the start of the IR, on the 20th, a civil war breaks out in that nation as forces loyal to you fight forces loyal to the other player.
You must post to the thread what your forces are doing (assume you have half the forces of that nation), and of course the other player will also post what he or she is doing.

Based on those posts, I will arbitrate who won the civil war, and who gets the nation or people, or if the civil war is unresolved, and rages on into the next Turn.

We are going by Turns.

A Turn is one month in Game Time (one month passes on Oerth, the World of Greyhawk setting, during a Turn.)
In Real Life, a Turn is one thread of slightly over 200 posts.

At the end of each Turn, I will call Time Out, and arbitrate what happened during the Turn.

We do not roll dice, or draw cards, or anything of the sort in the IR.
We post.
Posting is everything in the IR.

You roleplay by posting.
You attack by posting (by saying you attack!)
You defend by posting.
You negotiate (or threaten) by posting.
You do everything by posting, except ...

You can e-mail me and ask questions. Lots of questions. Any questions you would like to ask.

I wish to extend a warm welcome to you, Sollir Furryfoot.
Welcome to the IR!

E-mail people ... especially Williams and Maudlin, and they will help you.
And some of the others. There are a lot of people here who have bent over backwards to help people just joining in.

Once you have your 3 Planar Powers selected, I will set you up on the Lists Post (the first post of the first page of this thread.)


P:S There is an Undead Arms Race. It is at the bottom of the Lists Post (if it is not there, I have goofed again!)


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Unfortunately, I am not an expert on how far military forces can move in a day.
Anyone out there who is?

I do know an army can march 15 miles a day for some period of time.
A seasoned army can march 20 miles a day for some time.
An extremely highly trained army that has had long practice can force march 40 miles a day for several days.

The ships of the Sky League can move at an average of 30 miles per hour.
The Flying Citadels of the Sky League can move at an average of 20 miles per hour.

Dragons can fly across the Flanaess in a day.
Pegasi can fly at 48 miles per hour.
Hippogriffs can fly at around 35 miles per hour.
Griffons can fly at around 30 miles per hour.

Bonedagger posted below that:

Galleons move at 3 miles per hour rowing (not sea-miles) (so, how far is a sea-mile?)
Great Galleon move at 3 miles per hour rowing and 6 miles per hour under sail (again not sea-miles) (and again, how far is a sea-mile)
Dromonds move at 2 miles per hour rowing and 9 miles per hour under sail. (again, by sea-miles, however far they are.)

All of this assumes good weather, reasonable seas, and passable roads.

I do not know the exact conversion to metric, unfortunately.
My regrets. A good mile to kilometer conversion is needed here.

I continue to seek information on how fast sea faring vessels can go, in both miles per hour and kilometers per hour.
And if anyone can give a good mile to kilometer conversion, we could use it.

- - -

I am not putting rules on troop movements ... I am not comfortable with it, as it restricts the freeform of the IR.

What I need to do is give Maudlin a Scale of Miles / Scale of Kilometers for that map of the Flanaess.
I will study my maps, and try to come to an approximation.

Then, everyone will be free to look at the map, the scale of miles, and roleplay out the movements of their armies freeform.

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I may not like it, but I support your decision, Edena. Scaling down the magic level makes sense and makes Arcane Age magic much more impressive.


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So much for keeping a low profile....

And in the spirit of IR....

Fact of the day: on this date (the 17/2) in 1864 was the date when the first torpedo (You know those underwater propel things) was tested successfully... I'm trying to pretend you care:)


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My rough estimate of distance is that, on Maudlin's map of the Flanaess (in normal size, not blown up):

1 inch = 210 miles

The Flanaess is stated as being 3,000 miles wide in the sourcebook, but from what exact point to what exact point is not given.

Is there anyone out there who can give a better estimate concerning Maudlin's map - a better estimate of how many miles there are to the inch?

Or centimeters.
In the United States, we still use the English system, but I realize that in Europe metric is the rule.

This is pretty important.

I'm not going to make up any rules on how far armies can go - I'm trying to establish the scale of miles so every person in the IR can have a look, and roleplay that out for themselves.


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Bonedagger, I do care.
The first submarine was used in the United States in the mid 19th century, during the Civil War (it was a pretty crude piece of work ...)

Tell me more ... because if they had primitive torpedoes in the mid 19th century, the Powers of the IR will have them when they reach a certain point value in the Technological Arms Race.

And a lot of mariners are going to cry.

- - -

I didn't scale down the magic level in that I weakened 10th or 11th level magic.
10th and 11th level magic is as awesome and terrifying as ever.
I simply created a reality where an appropriately high price would have to be paid to realize such magic, and put it into mass use.

I am quite sure that some in the IR will be willing to pay that price.
I am sure that, in the end, 10th level magic will be widespread.
I am fairly sure that 2 or 3 powers will connive to obtain 11th level magic, and achieve that goal.

It is a matter of ambition, and in that matter there is no limit in the hearts of players.
Nor should there be any limits to such ambition, for the game is about the stuff of dreams.

At least, the above is my opinion.
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Edena_of_Neith said:

I do not know how far an average sea-faring vessel can move in one day in good weather.
Does anyone out there know?

- - -



According to 2nd ed. Galleon=3 miles/hour rowing(not sea-miles), Great Galleon=3 miles/hour rowing and 6 miles/hour under sail (again not sea-miles :)), Dromond 2 rowing and 9 under sail.

Hope that helped


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A Thank You

I would like to comment that this is one of the most complicated projects I have ever attempted in gaming.
I really appreciate the help so many of you have given, and your patience - otherwise, this venture would have foundered long ago.

Yours Sincerely
Edena_of_Neith, who hopes Creamsteak will stay in the IR


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Re: A Thank You

Edena_of_Neith said:
I would like to comment that this is one of the most complicated projects I have ever attempted in gaming.
I really appreciate the help so many of you have given, and your patience - otherwise, this venture would have foundered long ago.

Yours Sincerely
Edena_of_Neith, who hopes Creamsteak will stay in the IR

And I'd definately like to thank you for letting us play in this fabolus project of yours. Thanks to you Edena, and everyone else.

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