(IR) Preparations for the IR - Thread 3


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Creamstreak wrote, way back:

If anyone has at least one territory controlled by the High Elf (must be good aligned) that I can have, and they don't feel too burdened to change plans about, I would love to have it.

And he has appealed since then.

With Fellreev Forest, Creamstreak has a Power Level of 13 or 14.

This won't do. Creamstreak needs more nations and more PL.
I request someone share a nation or two with Creamstreak, so he has a voice in this IR.



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The site can handle threads of over 200 posts.

Indeed, it won't be until after the 200th post of each thread that I call Time Out, then post my reply.
Except for Turn 0, which will be shorter.

I want to leave this thread going because Creamstreak has made an appeal, and I wish it to be heard.

Williams, your idea about the links was really good. I have pasted it to my word processor, and will indeed include it in every new thread.
Thanks much.

Mr Draco, I suppose that was, indeed, an isolated example.
Unfortunately, my parents played duplicate bridge tournaments, and - from the description of them - it was, well ... insane.

I once walked in on a bridge tournament.
It was at a science-fiction convention.
I was the only person in the whole convention to do that ... the tournament happened to be held in the same hotel as the convention.

I went to that tournament as a casual player.
I had forgotten how to play bridge (I had even forgotten that only 3 people ultimately play out the hands.)
I had, obviously, not brought a partner.

And when I asked, do 3 or 4 people play this game, that must have sounded stupid!

By sheer fortune, one of those coming to the tournament came without her partner, because her partner could not show, and she found out about it at the tournment.

So I got a chance to actually play.

We came in a close 3rd, out of 5.

My partner didn't speak to me but once or twice.
I think my partner was embarrassed badly.

I play games casually.
Bridge. Chess. Axis and Allies. Risk. Star Fleet Battles. Battletech. D&D. Gnomish Industrial Revolutions. :)
I like to do wild things in games, chaotic things.
This sometimes works well, and sometimes it doesn't work so well.


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Creamstreak, please have a look

Creamstreak, I am creating 5 new Powers, and giving them to you:

The People of Gamboge Forest PL 4
The People of the Phostwood PL 3
The People of Celadan Forest PL 4
The People of the Dreadwood PL 4
The People of the Hempmonaland Rainforest PL 7

This will increase your Power Level by 22 points.

I am also giving you one of the off-map powers.

I urge you to look at the Lists, and select some of the unclaimed NPCs.

I hope someone bequeaths you a nation or two, also.

Folks, there are still some contests out there, and I do not think these will be resolved prior to the IR.

Greyhawk, between Melkor and GnomeWorks.
Amedio Rainforest, between Alex and Festy Dog.

William Ronald



Thanks for helping out creamsteak. I have suggested people lend him a hand. Hopefully someone will.

Any idea when you will be able to come back after you change internet service providers?


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A huge thanks to Bugbear

Bugbear, I wish to extend a long overdue thanks to you for archiving the IR like you have done, and making it available to everyone.
In effect, you have immortalized the IR and all the fun in it.

Yours Sincerely

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