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William Ronald said:

Sepenteye: I forgot to thank you for something. Your response to getting the God Emperor's daughter back was an excellent piece of role playing. The God Emperor always struck me as a man of deep feelings with a sincere love of his country. As he rose to power, he probably had dreams about what he wanted to give that child. Now, he can give her all he desired -- and more. They definitely deserved to be reunited. (I know parents who would sell their souls for such a reunion.)

His emotional response was genuine and what I would have expected. Could you perhaps describe the moment when the God Emperor presented her to the Union or at least its leadership. It must have been a source of tremendous pride.

It would probably be one heck of a post. While you may doubt your rhetorical skills, you are a good writer. (Don't knock yourself; this is why you have family and friends.;) )

:):) Thanks. Coming from an ex-reporter and professional writer (?) that really means something. Hell, coming from someone of such obvious skill, it means just as much.
And thank you (both in and out of character) for having Naganika ( the daughter) resurrected. It's a lot more interesting than if the God Emperor would simply have been able to resurrect her himself and it has given me a great number of new RP ideas. You haven't seen the last of Naganika yet. ;)

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As some of you might know, committing evil deeds while you are in the Demiplane of Dread - also known as Ravenloft - causes the Touches, which turn your character evil and ultimately into a Darklord.

Hazen has invited anyone to go to the Demiplane of Hope who has peaceful intentions.
This means a neutral or evil character could go there.

However, committing good acts within the Demiplane of Hope is dangerous.
The Light recognizes such, and the six Touches will occur there, if a neutral or evil character commits too many good deeds.

The character, will revert to good alignment, then become almost celestial in his behavior and demeanor!!!

Committing evil acts in the Demiplane of Hope will not, of course, incur this danger.
It will, however, incur the wrath of Hazen and the people of the Kevellond League.

- - -

As for the taraakians, they appreciate Hazen's gesture of goodwill, and return it.

However, they state to Hazen in no-nonsense terms that they have a war to fight, and fight it they will, and they will fight to win.
Their declared enemies will be pacified, and then they will be incorporated into the Star Empire.

And, it would appear that some who they had made alliance with, have betrayed them and turned on them.
These Powers, who betrayed them, will be treated as enemies whose word can never be trusted again, and they - also - will be defeated, pacified, and brought into the Taraakian Star Empire.

They are referring to the Powers run by Anabstercorian, 'o Skoteinos, and Venus.

They still consider the Powers run by Alyx, Black Omega, Creamsteak, Dagger, Festy Dog, Kaboom, Kalanyr, Spoof, Uvenelei, William, and Zelda as allies.
However, they are suspicious of the Powers run by Kalanyr and Zelda's Power, and fear they may turn on them also.

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