(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 6)


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I will read all of the e-mails when my server goes back up.

- - -

If (well, it's now a given, considering how many are Defending him) Forsaken One is successfully Defended, and he subsequently uses the Diadem of Dreams to put out the suns of Realmspace, Greyspace, and Krynnspace, do not expect any further mercy from the taraakians towards any Power that aided Forsaken One.

The taraakians will be out to KILL all who participated in aiding Forsaken One, after his destruction of the suns comes to pass.

There will be no negotiation.
There will be no quarter.
And they will not stop, ever, until the deed is done or they themselves are destroyed.

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William, surely you realise that it's a much lesser sacrifice for you to prove the inherent goodness of your faction to the tarraakians than it is for me, or indeed anyone else. Troughout the Ir you have been a good Melkor, uncompromising and pure. You have nothing to prove for your goodness is selfevident. Therefore it's no sacrifice to you to surrender to the terraakians. None, for your PC does not value power and will find great satisfaction in his righteous marturdom.

The situation for us is very different. There is no way we can prove to the terraakians that we are good and harmless, our past actions make that impossible. Mercykillers do not accept repentance. Therefore, what you are suggesting is that Mr Draco and I, for all practical purposes, stop playing the IR. If we surrender that will be our only option, since neither he or I want to roleplay toiletscubbers for aliens.

And please, stop preaching. Pleace stop preaching out of character. Your truth is not the only truth. You keep referring to Edena's feelings, so therefore I ask Edena:

Edena, what do you want us to do? What would be most fun for you? Would you prefer if we all acted against the natural inclinations of our PCs and surrendered to the tarraakians or would you prefer if we played this game in character and not out of it? What would you enjoy most? Does the IR have to have a happy ending?


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I am TOTALLY NEUTRAL concerning what you do in the IR, from my OOC perspective.

I play both good and evil Powers IC, and they have much to say, but what they have to say has nothing to do with how the I feel OOC.

If you choose to fight the taraakians, that is fine.
If you choose not to fight the taraakians, that is fine.

If you choose to find a lasting peace, that is fine.
If you choose to destroy the Powers of the IR in a climatic battle, that is fine.

It is not my right to tell you how to play.
It is most certainly not my right to tell you how to think.

My job is to attempt to enable you to have fun, and that is what I always try to do.
And that is what I will continue to try to do.

Therefore, I do not give you advice now on what you should or should not do.
Whether you should or should not fight the taraakians.
Whether you should or should not make peace.
Whether you should or should not make war.
Or even whether Forsaken One should or should not put out the suns.

You are your own players, and can handle your own affairs.
I only moderate.

- - -

I STRONGLY urge you to do what YOU wish to do.
I STRONGLY urge you to end the IR the way YOU want it to end.
I STRONGLY urge you to play your characters precisely the way YOU want to.

I STRONGLY urge you to never allow me to tell you how to play.

- - -


Edena, what do you want us to do?


What would be most fun for you?


Would you prefer if we all acted against the natural inclinations of our PCs and surrendered to the tarraakians or would you prefer if we played this game in character and not out of it?


What would you enjoy most?


Does the IR have to have a happy ending?

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There is one thing I do request:

That you CARE about what happens in the IR.

- - -

Based on the last 3 pages of posts, I can see that all of you CARE GREATLY about what happens in the IR.

That is more than enough for me.

To all of you, my players, cheers. :)
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William Ronald

A Call to the Eternal

Hazen is deep in prayer.

"O Eternal and Rao, I ask for your help in this time. Long ago, Rao you told me there was a power far greater than yourself for good, one whom you have aided and supported. The Eternal, the source of life."

"I will if a day of peace comes, seek the Seventh Heaven which may be but a gateway to another realm of being. However, I know my prayers can be heard by Rao and the Eternal. Whether you chose to answer a prayer is not my choice but yours."

"The days are dark, and the very suns of Oerth, Toril, and Krynn are threatened. I ask for your aid in preventing this from happening."

"I have tried to convince the Taraakians that the people of Oerth, Krynn, Toril, Mystara and Athas are not insane, but essentially decent persons. However, not even they can guarantee that the suns will not be extinguished."

"I ask for your aid in whatever form you chose to give it. I would like to thank you for my life and the wonderful people and worlds I have known. The worlds are a testimony to the glory of the Eternal. I would like to see them saved, but I know that th choice is ours."

"I have sought to preserve free will. I chastised the Taraakians when they sought to force all under their will. They do have the right to honor treaties of defense with the worlds that were attacked. Yet I believe political agreements must be entered into freely."

"I face many foes, including one who challenges me to a duel. He will likely think me craven for refusing it, but I believe there are many ways to fight as there are many ways to serve."

"I ask you to help me reach into the hearts of the peoples of the worlds. They are the ones who will be destroyed if the suns are destroyed or if mutual annihilation occurs. Yet so few leaders seem to consider anything beyond their own power. Governments should exist for the sake of the governed."

"I am saddened that some of my allies chose to stand with one who threatens entire worlds. However, I must respect their right to chose even if I disagree with their decision. Without free will, good and evil have no true meaning. All beings, save for constructs and robots, have free will."

"Perhaps if the peoples of the worlds spoke, their leaders will listen. I pray that some how those calling for war could here what their people want."

"I have seen much that is good on Krynn, Toril, and Oerth. I would not like to see those worlds devastated. I ask for your guidance, for I am not perfect or all knowing. Only the Eternal is all knowing. I thank both Rao and the Eternal, who have guided me to a better life and rewarded me more than I deserve, for their generous gifts. I thank you for infinite love towards me."

"There are many needy people on many worlds. Sadly, there are those who lack not only food, water, clothing and shelter but love. For all the technology I have seen, only people can create more love in their worlds. I ask you to help me reach wounded hearts and bring healing."

OOC: Hazen is calling for what help he can. So far, the Taraakians have honored their pledge to the Oerth Alliance members by accepting them as allies and offering aid. He does feel that a lot of people are not only being heavy handed but heavy hearted as well.

Also, Hazen has reached a point where he does not truly care what others think of him. So Melkor's challenge to a duel is ultimately meaningless to him.

Okay, no more out of character preaching. (In character prayer for an Angel and a cleric should be allowable.) I am getting frustrated. I am afraid if this IR ends with a bunch of dead worlds people will whine that their plans should have worked. Maybe I am afraid that people will just grumble and remember this IR badly.

I just want people to have fun and care about the IR. If I seem so worried about the IR it is because I care. I just want to make sure that when this is over everyone will say -- regardless of the outcome -- that the IR was fun and well worth the time and effort. That is why I have made a nuisance of myself.

Fight the Taraakians, ally with them, save or destroy the worlds, all is fine by me. I just want to make sure that this does not end in bitterness. No one here deserves it. I have not groused when I thought my power was completely wiped out.

Also, I am not too familiar with Planescape and its factions. Also, for the third time, I did not surrender to the Taraakians. I have allied with them. They have accepted my faction and those of my allies as equal.

I am not suggesting that anyone become toilet scrubbers or surrender. Edena has not yet commented on Mr. Draco's answer to the post where the Taraakians speak of the Psionic League's sacrifice.
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William, there is an answer to that prayer.
The answer, is enormous; monumental.

A great light streams down out of the Upper Planes, and over the entire length and breathe of the Kevellond League, it shines.

The devastated lands, black under clouds of smoke and dust, devoid of help and hope, suddenly begin to glimmer, to shine.

The light plays along the edges of craters, over the shattered limbs of trees, the edges of broken rock, until the whole of the Kevellond League is lit up like the Aurora Borealis.
Still the light grows.

It grows, and the black sky turns brown.
Then the brown fades into tan, then into yellow.

Then, the sky turns a brilliant shining yellow, and still the light grows.

The sky turns blazing white, and all the Kevellond League underneath that light, blazes with light also.

In that light, everything changes.
Everything metamorphoses.
The light etches out forests where there were no forests, and they appear out of the light, shining green, trees tall and vibrant, filled with health, filled with animals and birds.
The light etches out riverbeds and water, which blazes brilliant blue through the light, and clean water flows where before there was no water.
The light etches out cities - not the old cities of the Kevellond League, but the cities that the Kevellond League could have built, would have built if war had not darkened the world.
The light etches the outlines of millions of people; the people who would have been alive, should have been alive, if the pall of evil had not spread it's way across Oerth.

The light flares up along the entire border of the Kevellond League, and the entirety becomes it's own demiplane - the Demiplane of Hope.
The Demiplane where the Light is supreme, and the beings of good are the strong, and no domain is held by evil.

Unlike Ravenloft, it is easy to leave this Plane.
It is not easy to enter it, however.
In fact, nobody can enter it unless they have 12th level magic or the lord of the Kevellond League, the Angel Hazen, allows it.
Of course, those native to it - those who were there when it was created and their offspring - can leave it and reenter as they please.

Like Ravenloft, this demiplane will expand, ever grow, as new realms make bridges to it.
Only good realms and the Upper Planes will have free bridges to the Demiplane of Hope.
Only they will have easy access to this special place.

The sun of Oerth will forever blaze down on the Kevellond League.
The sky will forever be a rich blue, and no clouds of war will taint it.
It's trees will always flourish in healthy soil, tall and grand against the horizon.
It's waters will always reflect the sky back in a vibrant blue.

Where the old Kevellond League was, on Oerth, is now a great cloud of mist.
Those that enter this cloud of mist find themselves transported to the other side instantly, as if it were only paper thin.
No spell of detection will ever see more than the blue, pleasant odored mist, unless it were with 12th level magic.

The taraakians, who have such magic, see the Kevellond League within that mist, see what has happened, and they smile, and they declare peace with the Kevellond League, true peace, and offer true alliance, treaties of friendship and trade, if they are given the honor of freely entering and leaving the Demiplane of Hope.
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Edena_of_Neith said:
There is one thing I do request:

That you CARE about what happens in the IR.

- - -

Based on the last 3 pages of posts, I can see that all of you CARE GREATLY about what happens in the IR.

That is more than enough for me.

To all of you, my players, cheers. :)

And cheers to you :) This is a great game, and you can take most of the credit for it.

And William, people will whine, that's what people do. However, most of us will not, very much ;).
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William Ronald


I also had the Baklunish-Esmerin confederation and all factions under my name on the lists post moved to Taraakian space. Along with everything for dagger's people. (I just e-mailed him. I hope he is dong well) My goal was to protect the innocent by getting them to the safest place I could.

Also, maybe you can post a little more information on the Taraakians. With the passing of another day, people will have learned a little more about them. Possibly enough to compare and contrast them with the mercy killers. I do know that the Taraakians hold life of high value. Indeed, I think the thought of the obliteration of worlds is painful to Taraakians.

Sorry for being a bit rough on people in my worries about the IR. It seems everyone cares. Even if my forces are annihilated I will have fun regardless. (Trust me, I have had things in real life that make this in game scenario seem minor. It is a game. Real life can be hard.)

Sepenteye: I forgot to thank you for something. Your response to getting the God Emperor's daughter back was an excellent piece of role playing. The God Emperor always struck me as a man of deep feelings with a sincere love of his country. As he rose to power, he probably had dreams about what he wanted to give that child. Now, he can give her all he desired -- and more. They definitely deserved to be reunited. (I know parents who would sell their souls for such a reunion.)

His emotional response was genuine and what I would have expected. Could you perhaps describe the moment when the God Emperor presented her to the Union or at least its leadership. It must have been a source of tremendous pride.

It would probably be one heck of a post. While you may doubt your rhetorical skills, you are a good writer. (Don't knock yourself; this is why you have family and friends.;) )
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William Ronald

Intitially, this was a double post.

Edena, this is surprising to me. I had not dreamed of a demiplane.

Archcleric Hazen weeps with joy.

"Eternal and Rao, I thank you. This is a gift beyond words of praise. I will make of this place a hope for those in despair, a light to those who would see. I am honored and full of joy beyond belief."

"To my Taraakian brothers, I welcome you freely and with joy. I hope that you will be here often. If faith and fellowship, good and noble hearts can grow together. If the people of those worlds that were devastated by the Red Waste seek to come here they may. All who will live in peace with each other and need shelter from the storms of their worlds or their hearts are welcome."

"Let this place be a refuge like unto Hope Isle, both a beacon and a haven for those who seek one. All I ask is that those who come here pledge not to harm another. Let this place not be marred by violence or hate."

"I ask the Angels and the celestials to visit here often. We have hope here."

"I would ask the Taraakians to explain more of their beliefs, policies, laws, culture and philosophies. Especially how you differ from mercykillers."

"Here let all be judged by the contents of their character and the quality of their deads. Here let Freedom ring from the mountaintops and Love guide us."

"I ask Alzem to join me here. If you wish, aid me in making this a refuge for those who seek peace."

Hazen kneels in prayer and gazes with wonder on this place. His voice is soft, a whisper. "Not even in my dreams would I have imagined such a place."

OOC: I can now help people who are truly sincere in doing more to protect their civilian populations. You should know Hazen would never convert them by force to a belief. If you do not trust the Taraakians, then send your defenseless civilians to me if you chose. The laws shall be similar to those of the Taraakians. So, no violence to another will be allowed. This also includes attempts to forcibly over throw the government. Essentially even the worst will have to be on their best behavior.
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Those looking down on Oerth from Wildspace see a great area of shining blue light where the Kevellond League is.
Through that blue light, as through a heavy haze, they see a brilliantly lit, brilliantly green and blue land, it's waters throwing back reflected sunlight in golden glory.
However, they can only see it - they cannot reach it, cannot touch it, cannot come to it.

Those looking at Oerth from the Ethereal or Astral Plane see a shining light, brilliant as a blue star, totally impregnable, shooting forth from the greater white brightness of the world of Oerth.

Those in the Underdark walking upward through tunnels or caves perceive only a gradual increasing of the blue mist, until it becomes too thick to see through at all.
At that point, if they try to move any further upward - to within 10 miles of the surface - they come to a place where there is no rock, only blue mist, and they are forced to turn back.
For those that somehow continue forward, perhaps by flying into the mist, they find themselves almost instantaneously arriving on the surface, just outside the area of blue mist.

The effects of the Four Touches are instantly removed from the Kevellond League.

Furthermore, the lands immediately around the Kevellond League - the Denzac Gulf, Hellfurnaces, Crystalmists, Baklunish Confederation, most of the Coalition of Light and Shadow, much of the Empire of Iuz, all of the Domain of Greyhawk, part of the western Union of Oerth, the whole of the Lortmils and Kron Hills, the whole of the Pomarj, all of the Kingdom of Ulek ... also see the Four Touches reversed.

The touch of the blue mist has a healing effect on everything it touches.
Water that is poisoned and black becomes less so.
The air is less contaminated and less dark, easier to breathe.
The soil is less brittle under foot, less buried under ash.
The surviving trees and brush are less greyish, less withered.

Those effects are immediate, but greater effects will occur with time.
Given time, the waters in these areas will flow clearly again, the sky will be free of smoke and dust, the ground will once more thrive with life, the trees and brush will be green again, and perhaps, people might one day return to many regions that are now desolate and filled with ruins.
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