(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 6)

Posted by Serpenteye:

So, Great Lord of the Dark, are you really going to allow the terraakian insolence to go unpunished? Are you going to accept their pulling you out of your domain to explain your actions to them like a peasant before the magistrate? Are you going to allow them to destroy you? Stand up for yourself, man! And punish them!"

- And than you destroy me?! And there are others who deserve punishment more than Taarakians.
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Black Omega

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Serpenteye said:
So, where do you stand? With the Terraakians, or against them?
We've accepted an alliance with them. Given they are Lawful, I'm inclined to trust my allies that they won't break that agreement. If they do, we'll fight them.
Eventually, if they are not stopped, they will attack you too.
At least I'll be alive to fight them. Forsaken won't even give me that much. ;)
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Posted by Black Omega:

At the same time, I consider the Taraakian the kitten when it comes to someone who in another moment of pique will simply decide to destroy everyone in the game. And I've seen nothing to reassure me he won't try it the next time he gets mad.

OOC: I am not mad, I play to win as well as have fun. I consider bringing uniwersal destruction a victory for myself.

Black Omega

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Melkor said:
Posted by Black Omega:
OOC: I am not mad, I play to win as well as have fun. I consider bringing uniwersal destruction a victory for myself.
Not talking about you, Melkor. Talking about Forsaken.;)


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((The DM watches all of this with his mouth hanging open))

Ok, let me get this right:

The following Powers are Defending Forsaken One's Power from the taraakian Attack - and also in addition are Attacking the taraakians:

Anabstercorian's Powers
Mr Draco and Serpenteye's Powers
Melkor's Powers
'o Skoteinos's Powers
Sollir's Powers
Venus's Powers
Uvenelei's Powers
Zelda's Powers

Did I miss anyone?
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William Ronald

A post from a somewhat frustrated player

Well, we have arranged an alliance with the Taraakians. (See several posts above.) So far, we have our freedom and our power respected by them. IIf they break their agreement, well then my speech warning them still applies.

We have people trying to drag us to Ravenloft . (Melkor and Sollir.) We have people who will casually threaten entire worlds after blowing up a sun. (The Forsaken One.) We have powers here that make all but the most regimes in Earth's history seem rational. The Taraakians,rightfully hold some factions responsible for the attacks on their worlds. They do have the right to implement their defense treaties and attack those powers.

We also have the certainty that we would all be dead if the Day 5 attacks went through. If you don't believe me, e-mail Edena or do the math from the Day 5 attacks.

They do not trust the Union. They believe the Union is a tyrannical power, and so far has shown to have different values. The Union has tried to play boths sides against each other in wars on the worlds they colonize.

So, explain how the Taraakians are a threat to the Oerth Alliance when we have peace with them and are keeping our power? I need reasons not claims to oppose them.

So far, the Union seems to be siding with the Alliance of Dread -- who was prepared to drag them screaming into Ravenloft. How can I possibly ally with someone who is plotting my own destruction, namely the Alliance of Dread?

Venus and 'o Skoteinos seem to be siding with the Forsaken One out of personal friendship. I disagree with doing this in a role playing game, but they can make their own decisions.

Of course it may be that the majority of the players prefer universal annihilation over a possibility of surrender, earning your power back by convincing the Taraakians that you are responsible, and then pursuing your own agendas. However, in real life, if leaders were poised for Armageddon one would have to ask if their people would want an alternative.

As a free and independent power, I could try to assure that the Taraakians would keep their word. As things stand, without the Taraakians this IR would have been over when the Turn 5 attacks were resolved. I want a solution besides universal annihilation. If I can save my allies from annihilation, and everyone else wants to kill their powers, I have done all that I can. We have free will. However, help comes with a price. I seem to recall Mr. Draco also calling the Taraakians. I am sure he expected their help would come with a price. So, perhaps people could negotiate one.

I don't here anything beyond people saying no one has the right to take my power away. Well, a lot of players have shown their factions are enemies of Oerth. One had a fit and decided to blow everything up. Prove to me that you can be trusted more than the Taraakians. Prove to me I am dealing with rational powers, not people having a fit. Prove to me that you have some solution besides stop the Taraakians and then we will attack each other. And end the IR in a ball of flames.

Do you honestly think Edena is looking forward to saying that the IR is over because all the worlds of the IR are dead husks? Not that he would enjoy that; there are times when I think a lot of you don't give a damn if Edena is enjoying the IR. Sometimes I think some of you see him as a vending machine you put coins into and get wish fulfillment. As long as people can try to win at any costs, who cares if the feelings of our moderators or anyone else is hurt.

After all, victory is the only thing. What's fun? Oh, the point of my even being on these boards.

William Ronald


Hazen can talk to you where he is. I suspect a trap and trust your faction not at all. The last time some one went alone to a parley with an evil power, he was attacked. So, make your case now. You can see why no one would trust you in a private parley.

However, we can communicate at a distance.

Those who deserve more punishment than the Taraakians? By your standards, probably me. When the IR started, you declared war on me. Even before I could find out what the Shade were about.

Your actions have been consistent. To destoy and enslave life.

Mine are to preserve life. Life is precious.

If the superpowers had launched their missiles at each other, and someone stopped them, the people of the world would be glad of it. I just hear a lot of people upset that they can't blow each other up.

So you can send your message. I will respond to it.

It can be considered private between Hazen and Melkor.

Actually, Hitler thought that Germany would ultimately rise again to power and embrace his standards. This was one of the things he wrote about in the bunker. (History is a hobby.)

Stalin might have wanted his cult of personality to continue in secret. He came as close to founding a religon based on himself without declaring it a religion as humanly possible with his cult of personality.

Saddam Hussein has always been more about survival than ideology. Indeed, his only ideology is power and nepotism.

Universal annihilation is something that is more likely to be slipped into than deliberately planned.
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