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D&D 5E Iron Kingdoms Requiem for D&D - Kickstarter 26th January

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This....or The One Ring next month. Not sure I should do both. Twitch. I am about to do some heavy duty rationalizationing. I mean this is for 5th edition which I know I can get my group together to play, where a different system is a hard sale (due to us only gaming a few times a year). The One Ring will probably be adapted to 5th edition in the future, so I could wait. And Privateer Press has some awesome production values.

And if a back this, I certainly need to do it quickly to get the Early Bird special, right?

5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons always wins out. I got Adventures of Middle-Earth and more players on board than with The One Ring (its d12 dice mechanics were another hurdle compared to d20).

Sir Brennen

I backed this and the recent Savage Pathfinder KickStarter. I know Savage Worlds KS's usually release the PDFs shortly after the KS completes, often with a version for backers to help proof before they're sent for printing. I wonder if Privateer Press does the same, or if they'll release when the books ship.
A couple of other people asked this on the Kickstarter, and apparently they hadn't considered it, but it's under discussion now. So PDFs of IK5E might be available much sooner than September!

Mind you, Privateer Press is a biggish company in the gaming scheme of things and are able to sustain decent size print runs and distribution chains etc. Once the kickstarter completes these books should be available through regular game shops for quite a while. So given the kickstarter will likely reach 600% funded before it closes, there's not any real hurry...

Sir Brennen

I don't know why they didn't include this as a Kickstarter update, but there's a preview of how Mechanika work over on the Privateer Press site:

While crunchy, seems much more streamlined than I recall the 3.5 version being. I don't know if this is an adoption of the IK 2012 RPG, as I haven't looked into that version in depth.

Backed it!

A few years ago at Origins, my brother and I both bought battle boxes with the plan of learning to play Warmachine/Hordes together. My Protectorate of Menoth figures are painted and ready...his are still in pieces.

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