Is It Anathema to Take A Heroic Feat w/ a Paragon Feat Slot

So I have this Lvl 12 Goliath Rageblood Barbarian/Dreadnaught. We don't use the Expertise feats, and his feats are:

Hide Armor Expertise (which even after the nerf, he needs)

Goliath Great Weapon Prowess (but of course)

Durable (which he needs for he is in my "delving" play group.")

Toughness (because he's a front-liner)

Student of the Blade (because becoming a Dreadnaught was the best decision he ever made)

Headman's Chop (because he knocks people prone all the time, and so does everyone else in the group)

(P)Agile Opportunist (maybe the most tentative of the group of feats I might say, but we have a cunning bard, and a druid with chill wind, and when he starts getting slid, he destroys things)

Now I must choose a feat. At the optimization boards there are a few decent paragon feats to choose from, but most are damage or hit-points based, and one for Rage Strike, which he sometimes uses, but sometimes does not. He probably does need paragon defenses, but, it's so boring, and he's already tough.

The feat i like is the Heroic Feat, Reckless Charge, he had it before and it was handy, and I'm a big fan of to-hit bonuses, the -2 AC was nothing.

So I really want to choose that feat with my paragon feat slot, but I was wondering if that was kind of irrational to do, other than for the obvious feats, like the Expertise feats (but we dont use them and do the +1/+2/+3-thing)

I thought about maybe Specializing in Hide?

But is it cool to choose a Heroic feat with a Paragon feat slot?
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I think many heroic tier feats are just as good, if not better, than many paragon feats. It all depends on the character, and frankly, if you want to take Reckless Charge, go for it!


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Whatever you feel is better for your PC, tier doesn't matter when I look at feats, but rather is it good for my PC. Toughness is a heroic tier feat, but even at Epic it's (IMO) one of the best feats for a melee PC.


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If you think a Heroic tier feat would be better than a Paragon tier feat, go ahead and take it. There are so many feats out there anymore that it's easily possible that a heroic feat is better for your character than any paragon feats.


Agreement with everyone else. While a lot of times paragon feats are stronger than heroic, sometimes that heroic feat just fits what you need perfectly.


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Unyielding Stone would probably let you net a fair amount of temp hp, if you want another option.

Deadly Rage should give you +2 damage for... well, depends how many combats you guys do. Normally I'd say most combats, since you can do three rages in three of four or so combats, but if you're taking Durable on a Con-based barbarian, then I'm wondering if you're doing more like 8-10 combats.

It's amusing to have +2 AC being _needed_ and -2 AC being _nothing_ :)


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It's not uncommon for me to not be able to squeeze in a feat like weapon focus or improved armor of faith during heroic, and I might end up picking it up at paragon. Sometimes you don't qualify for a feat you want until paragon when you get the stat bump. It's also a matter of priorities, sometimes there are initial paragon level priorities, and then you might come back to a heroic feat. I can even see heroic feats at epic, such as a sorcerer who gets up to 13 con at epic, and picks up hide armor.


I agree, sometimes you just can't squeeze in all the Heroic tier feats you want in your first 10 levels. Taking them in Paragon is just fine.

Off topic, is the reason you took Student of the Sword because you didn't have enough Wis for Battle Awareness?


Well-designed feats should be viable from Heroic through all tiers. It's rather annoying if you have some feats that scale properly, like Weapon Focus, and others that don't, like Eladrin Soldier.

So far, we haven't had an update to fix these issues, although feats in newer books are generally better in that regard.


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Well-designed feats should be viable from Heroic through all tiers. It's rather annoying if you have some feats that scale properly, like Weapon Focus, and others that don't, like Eladrin Soldier..

A lot of feats are good enough to go all the way through without scaling. This is one.


Given as it is possible, by level 16, to have NO heroic tier feats at all. (unless you're human, in which case it takes until level 17)

And given that this almost never happens.

Pretty much everyone has heroic feats in their "paragon slots"

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