D&D 5E Is it just me or does Tiamat kind of blow in Tyranny of Dragons?


All of which says powerful high CR monster not God, she should have more profound out of combat abilities as well.

Really what is the difference? It is not like we have real gods to model. It is all open to interpretation.

I once had a campaign where there was only one world and the gods lived on that world with mortals (think Mt. Olympus). They were not omniscient and omnipotent cosmic entities (there was no cosmos), just powerful high CR monsters that happened to create all of existence, rule over it and be worshiped for it.

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First Post
Holy thread necro Batman! Just checked my D&D email addy, and found notifications for a thread I didn't even remember participating in lol.

I was initially going to post "I have no memory of this thread" but then reread my initial post and memory resurfaced.

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