D&D 5E Is my odd Hunters mark Idea not to powerful?


The most recent Playtest for Unearthed Arcana cam out and the new Hunters Mark spell, tho it scales, is to underpowered know; I compared it to the old Hunters Mark and that one, if used to many times per round is much to good, as agreed on by the game designers as well. As a DM naturally I would pic the one thats most balanced but I looked at both Hunters Marks and found myself to dislike them both. I know the unearthed arcana stuff is not permanent but I still that about this anyway and came up with a very weird Idea!

Hunters Mark:
1 bonus action
Range 100 feet
Components v
Deaeration one minute.
Once at the start of each of your turns, or when you cast the spell you can mark a target within range. When an enemy marked by you with this feature dies you can swap one mark affecting it to another caricature. The mark allows you to deal an extra 2d4 damage to the marked target when you hit them with an unarmed strike or weapon each round. You can only have one mark in effect with this spell; any new mark cancels a mark of your choice if you can’t have any more going.
Upcasting: 2d6 3L, 2d8 5L… and you can have two marks going with a 2L spell slot and three with a 4L slot they can target the same caricature or different ones.

The spell I came up with seemed so open to players decision making and sounded so fun that I’d use this home-brew spell unless WOTC comes up with something extremely good. Despite all of this I don’t want to be happy with this idea without giving it a checkup with someone besides me; if its unbalanced that would defeat the point of making the spell in the first place.
Can you check it, pleas and thanks if you do.

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