D&D 5E Is the stun from Psychic Scream permanent if it is impossible to make the save?


It does not look like Psychic Scream has a duration or concentration, just a save every round to end. So if a 20 Int Wizard (DC19) hits someone with it and they have a 3-7 Intelligence it would be permanently stunned correct?

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Correct. Since a nat 20 does not auto-succeed on a save in 5E, this is effectively a perma-stun for any creature with -2 or worse, unless the target gets their save bonus increased (e.g., by resistance) or receives a spell or effect that removes the stunned condition.

By my reading, the stun can't even be dispelled, but one could argue that point.


Yep. My high-level barbarian got perma-stunned by psychic scream. I forget how the others healed him but it required some other high-level spell.


Maybe Greater Restoration? It doesn’t technically remove stunned, but it feels like an appropriate way to rule that such a perma-stun could be ended.
Maybe! I honestly can't remember. All I know is my barbarian couldn't make the save even with a nat 20 but the others somehow found a way to end the effect so that I wouldn't have to make a new PC!


IIRC, the only direct spell would be Power Word: Heal, but I feel that Dispel Magic would be applicable as well.
An interpretation of true polymorph can give you stun immunity. The interpretation assumes that an acquired immunity would end an condition already on you.


If you turn them into an eye of fear and flame, they get stun immunity and a +4 Intelligence save, so they can probably shake off the effect before turning back.

While the rules aren't clear on this, I would rule that immunity grants automatic success on the save (you're not even picking up the dice, result is not in doubt).

So, IMO, you shake off the effect when you become something immune - no roll required.

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