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Hello all! I am the owner and admin of the Plastered Pegasus forums! (with co owner Ruthia :) ) currently, with sever lack of activity on the forums I will be doing one massive overhaul of the site. All accounts with us that are inactive, have less then 10 posts under there belt, or do not come forward and help add to the site, will be deleted by the end of 26th of December.

If you wish to remain a member with us, please log your account in and post in the properly named thread to keep your account. I am serious about this. Soon we will have a new face and a new purpose for the forums which will still be RPG related. If you don't care about your account with us then don't worry about it :) We just want to get a new life for us and don't want anyone left out who still wishes to be a part of us.

If we delete your account and you missed this message, feel free to re register your account. Please realize that we will only want ONE login per PERSON, dual accounting is frowned on. We are sorry if this creates an inconvenience for some of you but it is time for a change. We will welcome in new members with open arms. Please feel free to join us with our changes.

Love, Imreis

Edit: We will also be changing our affiliates since we will be becoming our own independent site not, attached to anyone, unless asked to be.
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The member list has been pruned back as We said. The only names remaining are those who contacted us and asked to remain members, or those who are part of the City of Heroes/Villains section of our boards.

If you wish to become a member once more please feel free to! We would love to gain members again and become an active RP site for anyone who wants to join the RP story lines and games we host on the Plastered Pegasus Forums.

If you had your name deleted on accident, or you were not around for this message then please contact us and we will get you your special member title back! We regret that the forums fell into such in activity and perhaps soon with upcoming plots, we will draw new members to us again. Keep on playing everyone and hope to see you all soon.

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