It's a Drizzt! "Timeless" - New Drizzt Do'Urden Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore


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There's a new Drizzt Do'Urden trilogy on its way! Timeless, by R.A. Salvatore, will be released as a 432-page hardcover on 18th September for $27.99 as the start of a new trilogy set in Menzoberranzan, the Underdark city of the Drow.


Image of Homeland, the first in the 1990 Dark Elf Trilogy by Salvatore

"At long last, New York Times bestselling author R.A. Salvatore returns with one of fantasy's most beloved and enduring icons, the dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden, in an all-new trilogy full of swordplay, danger, and imaginative thrills.

Centuries ago, in the city of Menzoberranzan, the City of Spiders, the City of Drow, nestled deep in the unmerciful Underdark of Toril, a young weapon master earned a reputation far above his station or that of his poor house.

The greater nobles watched him, and one matron, in particular, decided to take him as her own. She connived with rival great houses to secure her prize, but that prize was caught for her by another, who came to quite enjoy the weapon master.

This was the beginning of the friendship between Zaknafein and Jarlaxle, and the coupling of Matron Malice and the weapon master who would sire Drizzt Do'Urden.

R.A. Salvatore reveals the Underdark anew through the eyes of Zaknafein and Jarlaxle - an introduction to the darkness that offers a fresh view of the opportunities to be found in the shadows and an intriguing prelude to the intriguing escapes that lie ahead in the modern-day Forgotten Realms. Here, a father and his son are reunited and embark on adventures that parallel the trials of centuries long past as the friends of old are joined by Drizzt, Hero of the North, trained by Grandmaster Kane in the ways of the monk.

But the scourge of the dangerous Lolth's ambitions remain, and demons have been foisted on the unwitting of the surface. The resulting chaos and war will prove to be the greatest challenge for all three."

Thanks to Matt Adler for the scoop!

Matt Adler said:
Details have leaked, via online book publisher catalogue Edelweiss, of a new Drizzt Do'Urden novel by R.A. Salvatore, to be published in September 2018 by Harper Voyager, the sci-fi/fantasy imprint of HarperCollins.

While plot details have since been removed from that site at Salvatore's request, I grabbed a screenshot:

The URL for Harper Voyager's page also confirms this is indeed a new Drizzt book, the first in 2 years, after previous publisher Wizards of the Coast cancelled their in-house novel line.

Amazon is also listing the book for preorder:


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Not a fan of his work, but this is interesting. I wonder if the whole imprint has been licensed off to Harper Voyager, or just a one-off with Salvatore. Keeping the D&D brand lean and fighting-fit seems to be the hallmark of this edition.


That first trilogy was perhaps the best I've read (later released as the 'Dark Elf Trilogy'). Just loved everything about it. Drizz't however may be "past his prime" so to speak. Not sure if I need ANOTHER trilogy about him but I will withhold judgement until I see the new one.


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Did I miss an announcement that WotC/Hasbro had reached an agreement with HarperCollins to continue publishing D&D novels? Because that's kind of big news.

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