It's my birthday, I want dinosaurs.

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Posting three XKCD images in one post is a bit indulgent, but it *is* your birthday:




Happy birthday!


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chickb.jpg Luis V. Rey running with the faethered dinosaur trend also pointed out that fossils don't reveal if deinonychus had both feathers and fleshy wattles and combs for display

then theres Mark Wittons Therizinosaurus, superpigeon


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Bonus: their is still debate as to whether Bronotsaurus actually existed
The animals certainly existed; the problem is that two people gave their copy of that animal different names at the same time - and knew they were doing it.

"Apatosaurus" won out by The Rules for Naming Fossils. But I still use "Brontosaurus" for any of the big sauropods that I don't remember the right name offhand.
Maybe because I watched The Flintstones as a kid and still want to find that XL slab of Bronto ribs that tipped over Fred's car.


Lord of the Hidden Layer
In century-old art, dinosaurs were shown as swamp-dwellers. But IRL they got along just fine in deserts and scrub areas.

Surprise your PCs the next time they venture into the subtropics. :devil:

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