Release Jans Token Pack 25 - Swamp Creatures (FG VTT)

Fantasy Grounds

SmiteWorks USA LLC.
New Release
Jans Token Pack 25 - Swamp Creatures
Jan Loos

Within seconds, the once quiet waters of the swamp, splash up. You see the jaws of an ancient-looking crocodile coming towards you. You smell its rotten and metallic breath, at the moment before it tries to bite down on your body.

The swamps and marshes are treacherous places. No one really knows what is lurking in the murky waters.

This pack contains everything you need to populate your lizardfolk village. Shamans, warriors, hunters, rogues. There are totem wards and eggs.

Swamp Monsters
There are giant snakes, beetles, stirges, and crocodiles. These creatures make great random encounters when your player characters are traveling through swampy areas.


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