Release Jans Token Pack 33 - Desert Creatures 2 (FG VTT)

Fantasy Grounds

SmiteWorks USA LLC.
New Release
Jans Token Pack 33 - Desert Creatures 2
Jan Loos

The desert can be a dangerous place. The heat and dehydration can bring anyone an untimely death if they face the wastelands without any precautions. The creatures that live within the desert are usually incredibly resilient, or extremely predatory. But the desert can also be a place for amazing adventures.

Who knows what secrets lay beneath the sands?

Challenge your players with these creatures, including Kobolds, Fire and Air Elementals, Bandits and Guards, and strange beasts such as Flying Snakes and Giant Scorpions.

Jans Token Pack 33 - Desert Creatures 2(IPFGANYJLJTP33DC1).jpg

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